Wednesday, April 21, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Saturday, December 18, 1976

Went shopping for office gifts at Bonwit's and Bendel', then went over to Quo Vadis for lunch to introduce Robin West and Delfina Rattazzi to each other. I had thought Catherine liked him from the weekend at the Wyeth's, but she said she didn't mind, that she wanted to give him up to Delfina or something. And Delfina liked him, she was aggressive--it was the first time I ever heard her say, "My family is in the airplane manufacturing business," because usually she pretends she's so poor. Robin's a flier. Saw Karen Lerner and Sisi Cahan having lunch and I figured out it probably was Karen Lerner who just sold her Flower prints, because David Bourdon just got some cheap at Parke Bernet.

Went home and Bianca called and said she was going to be packing at the Pierre and then taking her stuff over to her and Mick's new place on 72nd. Went to the Pierre and she packed and packed and around midnight she was done and we went up and she turned off the alarm and we went in. It must be costing them a fortune, the little house. The people had just had it redone and it was all painted and with new furtniture and I'd like to see it after the Jaggers have it for a year.

After we were there for a while Bianca turned on the alarm and went out to the ariport to get a plane for Montauk, she wanted to get back out there because it was so beautiful. Jade was stil outthere.


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