Saturday, May 01, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, December 20, 1976

Jamie Wyeth had invited me to Les Pleiades for lunch. Cabbed to 76th and Madison ($2.25). Jamie was there with Lincoln Kirstein and Jean Kennedy Smith. They asked me to turn off my tape recorder, natch. So Jamie is now the Carter court painter. He'd just been in Plains for a week. Isn't that interesting? It seemed like Jean Kennedy Smith really has a crush on Jamie because she asked me to go to the coat room with her and when we got there she pulled out an Americanquilt and asked me if it was real, and I said yes, and then we went back and she gave it to Jamie. I reminded her that I saw her in Blommingdale's the other week when we both were in the shirt department, and she said, "Oh yes, those shirts were Christmas presents for my family." So it was just regular old shirts for her family, but for Jamie it was an American quilt.

She was the first to leave, and then we relived the faux pas that Lincoln had made in front of her; he forgot she was a sister and when they were talking politics he said that John Kennedy was "corrrupt," and she just said, "No, he wasn't."

After lunch we went down to Lincoln's house on East 19th Street and he showed us his art, it was good paintings--Lincoln's brother-in-law Paul Cadmus, George Tooker, and Jared French, all realists who'd done painting of muscle boys. He didn't have anything of mine.

Walked over to Union Square. Worked the rest of the afternoon.


Friday, April 30, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Sunday, December 19, 1976

Went to work (magazines and newspapers for week $26). Lou Reed called and that was the drama of the day. He'd come back from a successfull tour, he was a big hit in L.A., but he said Rachel had gotten kicked in the ball and was bleeding from the mouth and he wanted the name of a doctor. Lou's doctor had looked at Rachel and said that it was nothing, that it would stop, but Lou wanted another doctor to check. I said I'd get Bianca's. But then Lou called back and said he got Keith Richard's doctor to come over. I told him he should take her to the hospital. I was calling Rachel "she" because she's always in drag but then Lou calls him "he."


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