Saturday, July 10, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Thursday, April 21, 1977

Went with Bob to pick up Bianca to take her to a dinner that Sandy Milliken was giving at his loft in Soho and Jade came downstairs and said, "Andy Warhol, you never come to see me anymore." Jade asked us if we wanted something to drink and we said, "Two vodkas on the rocks," and she said to the Spanish maid, "Dos vodkas con heilo." I wanted her to sing, and so she did "Frere Jacques," and I asked her to sing "Satisfaction" and she'd never heard of it. She sang "Ring Around the Roses" but she said, "Tissue, tissue, all fall down." I asked her to make up a song about her day and she started to sing: "I invited another child at school to come for dinner/But they wouldn't come/They think we're crazy/But they're crazy."

Bianca came down in a white cotton skirt and blue blouse, but then looked at us dressed so formal and went back up and put on a gold and black lamé dress and gold shoes.

As we were leaving Jade said, "Now Andy Warhol, I want you to visit more often." Then she kissed everyone but she forgot about Bianca, and Bianca said, "What about me?" and Jade Crawled over on the floor and kissed her, too. Cabbed to 141 Prince Street. Very fancy loft building. I got jealous that I didn't buy more buildings down there when they were cheap--lots of them.


Friday, July 09, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Wednesday, April 13, 1977

I was going up for cocktails and then dinner for Jean Stein at her sister Susan Shiva's apartment in the Dakota. I thought it couldn't be anything great so I was forty-five minutes late ($3). The first person I saw when I walked in the door was Jackie O., looking beautiful. Then Norman Mailer. Jackie was talking to Jean's boyfriend who works for the Smithsonian. Delfina Rattazzi who still works for Jackie at Viking was there with such a complete new look I didn't recognize her--curly hair and a sexy dress.

Sue Mengers was there, and she came over to me and said her knees were buckling, that she'd never been to a party like this. Babe Paley and her chairman-of-CBS husband went by, and later when I saw Sue and Paley sitting together I remembered what Sue had told me in California, that the only job she ever wanted was Paley's.

I told Norman Mailer I loved him on the Academy Awards and he said he'd just seen a video of how fast he'd come down the ramp--Billy Friedkin had told hm to do it that way. Renata Adler who writes for the New Yorker was there with Avedon. She said she's going to law school now at Yale but she thinks she'll maybe drop out. She says it's so hard, and that she can't remember anything.

I had the first really nice talk with Jacke O. but I don't remember too much what it was about. The Magic of People in the Movies, or something. Sue Mengers was running around this party bragging the same thing that she always brags--that she could offer President Carter a three picture deal at $3 million a picture and that he'd take it, because everybody wants to be in the movies. So I pointed at Jackie and told Sue to go prove it, but she was afraid, she wouldn't go over to her and make the offer. Andrew Young from the U.N. and another black guy was there. Sue was thrilled to meet them.

Dennis Hopper told me he's directing Junkie, the William Burroughs bio, and I made a Faux pas by telling him he should use Mick for the star because then Dennis said that he was the star.

A son of Nick Dunne was there, trying to be an actor now. Then Earl took me into the back rooms of the house, and there were ten girls around seventeen or eighteen, full-grown, the age of Jean's daughter who's in college, and they were like having a slumber party, guessing at who was out there at the "grownup" party! But these grils were so old, it was funny. They were thrilled to see me, I signed the TV, the armoire, their hands, everyting. Every half-hour they'd let one girl out and into the party.

Dropped off Nick Dunne's son on 90th and Central Park West ($5).


Thursday, July 08, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Tuesday, March 29, 1977--Los Angeles--New York

Got the American 1:00 plane to New York. Noticed Paddy Chayevsky being driven on a little cart to the plane while we walked. Lots of people from the Academy Awards getting on the plane. The first class took up practially half the plane--first time I saw it so full, really interesting. John Travolta from Welcome Back, Kotter walked by sort of said hi to me, sat in front of me. Paddy Chayevsky told the stewardess he wanted to sleep all during the trip, not to wake him up, but he woke up five minutes after the plane was in the air.

John Travolta kept going to the bathroom, coming out with his eyes bright red, drinking orange juice and liquor in a paper cup, and he put his head in a pillow and started crying. I saw him reading a script, too, so I thought he was acting. Really cute and sensitive-looking, very tall, comes off looking too fairy-ish, like too many people around now, but very good-looking. You can see the magic in him. I asked the stewardess why he was crying and she said "death in the family" so I thought it was a mother or father, until I picked up the paper at home and found out that it was Diana Hyland who'd died of cancer at forty-one, soap-opera queen, his steady date.

Dropped Fred and Todd Brassner (cab $27). Cab fares have gone up.


Wednesday, July 07, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Friday, March 25, 1977--Los Angeles

Up at 7:00. Todd Brassner called and said he just saw Muhammad Ali in the Polo Lounge, and that he also saw Charles Bronson in the lobby. Fred and I had to go to a meeting at Roger Corman's office, so cabbed there ($5). It was a brand-new building, met all the young kids who work for him. Fred said Roger was "very shy and never gives interviews" but he's not shy, I noticed, and he's been giving a lot of them lately.

Diana Vreeland had a limo and we were going out to George Cukor's with her. George woudn't let me take photos. I was disappointed. He said he loved Bad, raved about it. He's seen it the day before with Paul Morrissey at Susan Pile's big screening at the Picwood Theater--Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty and Julie Christie went, 750 people.

Fred and I went back to the hotel to get ready for Sue Menger's dinner party in Bel Air. Picked up Diana. Ryan and Tatum were at Sue's, and Barbra Streisand and Jon Peters. Diana went over and told Barbra off about something. Candy Bergen and Roman Polanski were there. It was a party for Sidney Lumet. He hates me and his wife Gail doesn't know whether she does or not, but she follows what her husband does so she's cold. Sidney runs around kissing everybody and then stops when he gets to me. Film directors used to be such macho guys, and now they're these little fairy-type guys running around French-style double-kissing but still thinking they're macho.

Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman sat with Fred during dinner and they said they wanted to come down to the office. Lillian Hellman was there. Roman said Gene Hackman wanted to meet me, but Diana didn't know who he was and didn't want to go over. She told Roman that Gene should come over and he did, and he was darling, and Diana still couldn't place him although she'd seen The French Connection.

Marisa was there with her hubby, the gossip was that they'd had a big fight and broken up. but the big event of the evening was when the maid came in with extra food and fell completely across the room. Sue looked concerned but I think she was just worried about getting sued. It was just like watching a movie. The food was flying all over everybody. She must have really hurt herself but she got up and pretended nothing had happened. She was around fifty, glasses.

Then went to Alana Hamilton's party for Mick Flick, and she had everybody there. Diana was getting drunker and drunker, and Fred, too. Valerie Perrine, Tony Curtis, and Nelson Lyon, sober, jealous because Fred was with Jacqueline Bisset, he didn't know Jackie's French boyfriend was there with her. Diana told Fred time to leave and he said no, and she got really upset and left and I took her home and she wanted me to go up and discuss Fred with her over drinks and I just said no and ran out. She thinks she has something going with him.


Tuesday, July 06, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Saturday, March 12, 1977

Up early, beautiful day. Went down to Subkoff's Antiques to see ideas (cab $3). Walked over to the office. Bob was there, looking through pictures for the photo book Bob and I are doing. Vincent went out and got the paper, and that's where the headline was: "MOVIE DIRECTOR CHARGED WITH RAPE." Roman Pollanski. With a thirteen-year old girl he took to a party at Jack Nicholson's house, and when the police went over to Jack's the next day after the girl's parents called them, they searched the house and Anjelica got arrested for coke.

Victor had told me that I absolutely had to watch the Dinner with Halston show on channel 5--Metromedia.

This is the idea that we submitted to Larry Freeberg at Metromedia and they turned down, and now they're doing with other people. Halston's guests were Bianca, Joe Eula, the acupuncture doctor--Giller, Jane Holzer, Victor. It was very boring. They'd asked me to go on this show and I said no because they'd ripped off my idea.

It was a live dinner with a seven-second delay. Joe Eula said "bullshit" once and it was cut. The only real-life thing missing at the table was coke, and no runs to the bathroom. Victor was the life of the dinner, he took his fake mustache off. he used to have a real one but he'd shaved it off probably because he hates the acupuncture doctor who has one, but he put one on for the show. He also had a plastic chicken with him and kept talking to it, telling it to "say hello to Andy." Joe Eula and Victor had a tiff at the table, something about me. Joe told Victor, "Let Andy speak for himself, why he's not here," and that's when Victor--on metromedia--said that Metromedia had ripped me off. So he was great.

Jane didn't have the right makeup on so she didn't look good, and they kept referring to her as the "renowned fashion model." The dinner degenerated into throwing drinks. maybe they'd decided on that because they're supposed to be the "wild set." Jane threw champagne in the air and then everybody started but it looked so lame, and so Victor poured his in her lap. Victor and Halston were having a quarrel--you could tell because Victor announced that he wasn't going to do Halston's windows anymore, that he was now "an artist for hire," and the camera went close on Halston's hard face. At one point Halston or Bianca or somebody actually said, "Let's take this hour and a half and just go with it!" And that's when most people probably sut their TVs off, the thought of sometPost=Publish Post


Monday, July 05, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Sunday, February 20, 1977--Los Angeles

Doug Christmas's P.R. woman, Esther, arrived from church with an autograph from Jane Wyman, she'd asked for it while Jane Wyman was kneeling.

First supposed to have lunch with Bianca Jagger, but Wendy Stark said we could all have lunch at Coco Brown's and I didn't want to but Fred thought it was a good idea. The first car left, we were in the second, and we had a house number 36912 in Malibu. when we got there we couldn't find it, but then the first car came along with Richard Weisman in it and he went to knock at 36910 because there was no 12, and the person who opened the door was "Mary Hartman," with her funny braids on.

She said she'd have a party for us if we couldn't find the party we were going to. But just then Coco Brown came by in another car with Wendy Stark and they said it was just down the block, that Wendy'd got the number wrong.

We got to the house and Bianca was there. She'd had a fight with Mick and he'd left that morning from New York--she'd accused him of an affair with Linda Ronstadt.

Walked down the beach with Bianca past the house of Larry Hagman, and he was standing on the beach in a funny uniform like a foreign-legion outfit, doing funny hand things, and I guess he's gone off his rocker. While we were going by the sea came up and wet my shoes.

Spent three hours trying to make dinner plans. Bob Ellis, Diana Ross's ex, and Alana Hamilton seemed too drunk, Bianca didn't want to be with Miranda because she was the sister of Sabrina, Jed said he was hungry and he'd eat anywhere, and Wendy wanted us to go to Max Palevsky's because she thought it would be good for us--he was going to have us over to see his art collection.

And so finally when we got together we went to a restaurant called orsini's, Italian food. Fred screamed at Catherine and toldher how rude she was to him in front of everybody.


Sunday, July 04, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Thursday, February 17, 1977--Los Angeles

I went to tour the Gemini Gallery with Sidney Felsen and his partner. At Gemini I got an idea. They can now print 10' x 10' and I'm going to think about it. Done an hour earlier than supposed to, decided to walk around, the shops just exciting.

A person ran after me and it turned out to be Jackson Browne. He invited me to come to the recording studio across the street to hear his new record. he was adorable.

The cab strike was on so Catherine and I found a limo outside, had to meet Tyrone Power's daughter Taryn at 5:00 at the Imperial Gardens restaurant on Sunset (limo $10). Back for Fred, had to give him money ($5). He went off to Paul Jasmin's cocktail party for Divine where he met Tab Hunter.

At the Imperial Gardens with Taryn taped for about two hours. Had some sake and food ($20 with tip). She took us next door to her boyfriend Norman Sieff's house. He was so ugly and she was so beautiful--I was disappointed. He said he'd met me in Max's years ago. He has Taryn under his influence. We wanted to get her away from him so we asked her to go to the dinner that Doug Christmas, the art dealer, was giving for me at Mr. Chow's. She had wheels and drove us back to the hotel.

Got dressed and driven over to Mr. Chow's. Lots of people there. Bianca Jagger, Russel Means, Polanski, Tony Bill, Allan Carr, Pat Ast. Russell Means had an Indian Girlfriend. George Hamilton, Marcia Weisman, Nelson Lyon, who was telling me about some producer who drank the piss someone gave him and he didn't know.

Jed had invited Tab. Jed felt guilty because we didn't cast Tab as Carrroll Baker's husband in Bad--he'd really wanted the role. Peter Lester from Interview arrived with Maria Smith and he kept apologizing for being late but nobody cared. Geraldine Smith was with Johnny Wyoming. Perry King, Susan Tyrrell, Allan Carr sitting talking with George Hamilton. Sat next to Tony Bill and Bianca. Polansky across from me. We'd run into him in the lobby of the hotel and he was going to see Rocky then and so he was just back from seeing it, said he loved it.

The big people, Sue Mengers and Ryan O'Neal, didn't arrive, they told Bianca that they couldn't "be seen at tacky places like Mr. Chows's." Bianca took us to On the Rox, owned by Lou Adler. When we got there it was Ringo Starr and Alice Cooper. I'm not saying they were the only celebrities there--they were the only people there, and they were in the john. Whoever is there is in the john taking coke. Bianca introduced me to Ringo. Alice came over to say hello.

Bianca left because she was staying out in Malibu and Mick was coming in and then leaving town the next day so she wanted to get home early to see him.


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