Saturday, August 14, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, June 5, 1978

Walked along Madison handing out Interviews. People really know me now, they think I'm the regular newspaperman (cab $3.50). Worked til 6:40 then went home (cab $3.50) and glued myself and went to the Carlyle (cab $2.25) to pick up Jerry Hall to take her to the dinner Hoveyda was giving for the Shah's brother way down at Windows on the World.

Mick opened the door. I thought he wouldn't be there. He was on his way up to Woodstock. I asked him if it was true that he'd bought 200 acres up there and he said no, that he was just living upstairs from a dump. He showed me their new album and the cover looked good, pull-out die-cut, but they were back in drag again! isn't that something?

After we left the Carlyle I told Jerry I thought Mick had ruined the Love You Live cover I did for them by writing all over it--it's his handwriting, and he wrote so big. The kids who buy the album would have a good piece of art if he hadn't spoiled it. And Stevie got it into Earl Wilson's column that Bianca was "so touched" by the "Miss You" song that she "slowed divorce proceedings," but Jerry said the song was really written about her. She was wearing the same green Oscar de la Renta dress she wore the last time I went out with her, and when we got into the elevator I noticed that she had underarm b.o., like she hadn't taken a shower before she got dressed. So I guess Mick must like b.o. I didn't have a limo but she didn't mind. I told Jerry that Barbara Allen called from England where she went with Bryan Ferry. Bryan never gave Jerry her clothes back after she left him for Mick--he said he was keeping them because he knew she'd come back--and after Barbara had been over there once, she told Jerry she'd been trying on her clothes, and that did upset Jerry, but she said she hopes Bryan and Barbara make it as a couple (cab $10). Down at the World Trade Center the wind was really blowing so that's when i was really noticing the b.o.... We went up to the 107th floor and our ear popped. the Secret Service was there because of the Shah's brother, and Peter Beard said the waitress and the bartender were S.S. because he'd heard them talkingont he way in. Hoveyda really fell for Jerry, making her kiss him on the lips.

The food was rotten but the sunset was so beautiful. Everybody was trying to make Jerry. On the way home in a limo we picked upout front, she told me her philosophy of How to Keep a Man: "Even if you only have two seconds, drop everything and give him a blow job. That way he won't really want sex with anyone else." And then she said, "I know I can tell that (laughs) because you won't tell anybody." She's so funny, she says such stupid things. but then she'll be able to rattle off the names of every single person seh met when she was in Iran. it's what talking to Jane Forth used to be like (limo $20).


Friday, August 13, 2004

ORIGINAL POST: Sunday, May 28, 1978--New York

Still off-schedule from the time change. Bob called from Nantucket. He apologized for being cranky on the phone and said that he'd gotten robbed and that was why, that after Studio 54 he went down to the Cave and two boys from there robbed him of his jewelry, but then one of them brought it all back the next day. He said that he was through with drugs, and that he was drying out, too.

Oh, and I guess Marina Schiano's spread it all over, that Diana Vreeland and Fred had a big fight outside New Jimmy's in Paris. When he came back in he'd mentioned it to me, but I thought he meant they'd just had an argument. The real story is that Diana actually hit him and YSL tried to help and she said, "No, it's a fight between Fred and me!" and she was crying and everything. Because she's jealous of Lacey Neuhaus, she thinks Fred's making it with Lacey and I think she wants him to make it with her. Can you believe it? It's so crazy.

The New Interview looked good. Paloma on the cover, and it has fifteen pages of ads.

Hoveyda was giving a dinner for Mrs. Saffra at the Pierre (Cab $3). We went up to a whole big chic apartment right in the hotel. I sat next to Mimi Herrera under a Motherwell. She had a forty-carat diamond on. Poor Gina Lollobrigida was the only person there who had fake jewelry, I think. Fake emeralds. She has really big tits. I should interview her. I told her she should hook up with Dino De Laurentiis. She said she didn't know him, that she was doing photography as a profession now. That guy we knew in the sixties, Carlos, the one who always said Edie stole his leopard-skin rug, gave a toast. I remember he sent a contessa down to the 47th Street Factory to try to get the coat back. But you know, now that I think about it, I guess Edie probably did steal it, but only in fun.


Thursday, August 12, 2004

ORIGINAL POST: Sunday, May 8, 1978

Only two tickets came for the David Bowie Concert and everyone wanted to go.

Bob spent the whole day on the phone about his birthday party. It's funny, some people actually want to have big birthday parties. Tauruses always do. Bianca's the same way. Bianca had called and said that she had two tickets for David Bowie for me, so I gave my tickets to Catherine who was wanting to go so badly.

Doc Cox called and said he was giving a party for me June 7. For me, right? He said he has some pills that I should come in and get that'll dissolve the stones in my gallbladder without an operation.

Dropped Catherine off ($3.50) and went home to get ready. Jed had Tom Cashin there and we walked over to Halston's and Halston had a limo and so did Stevie. We waited for Bianca to get dressed and then rode over to Madison Square Garden.

The music was too loud, and then Dr. Giller screamed in my ear, "DID YOU GET DEAF YET?" and that did it for me, I think that's what finally made me deaf. We went backstage and had drinks and Bianca was in David Bowie's dressing room and when she came out she said that we were having lunch with him at 1:00 tomorrow at Quo Vadis. Then he went on stage again.

Then we went up to 1060 Fifth to the birthday party Diane Von Furstenberg was giving for Bob. Kevin opened the door. It wasn't too crowded. Bob's mother and father were there, and I never noticed before that Bob's father is attractive. I've met him before, bu he really looked good. Bob kissed me for my gift, and that was embarrassing. Catherine was with Tom Sullivan and somewhere along the line Tom said to Bianca that he'd rented Montauk for the summer, and then Bianca wasn't talking to me and left without saying anything, so I think my romance with Halston and Bianca and Stevie is over. Stevie said, "Bianca's upset." See, Vincent called Mick to see if he'd pay for the place if Bianca took it and Mick said no, so... I don't know what to do. I wonder if I'm still having lunch with David Bowie. Should I call her up?


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Friday, April 14, 1978

Went with Richard Weisman to the Hotel Americana for a banquet for the Yankees. The Master of Ceremonies was Howard Cosell, and they marched the whole team in. Everyone was trying to get Reggie Jackson's autograph. And it was funny because Averil Meyer's grandmother, Mrs. Payson, owns the Mets, and Averil kept saying, "I own the Mets," and everybody throught she was crazy. She wrote Yogi Berra a note and passed it on toward him, but someone didn't pass it along and so she got up and went and took it back. He used to be with the Mets. The note said something like: "Remember when you bounced me on your knee, then gave me a hot dog in the dugout?" And Mickey Mantle got his award--that's what it was for. and Howard Cossell was introducing people from dais and he introduced me, he called me a Pop artist--I guess Richard is pushing to get the paintings sold.

I talked to Suzy Chapstick and she said that she's noticed that most girls who get famous are tomboys when they're little, and I said that I'd been a tomboy.

And then at the office there was the big problem with Halston. He called Fred to say that Victor's been going around saying that if Halston didn't pay us the money he owes for the paintings he bought from us, that he, Victor, would reposses them and sell them to Elsa Peretti. Halston asked Fred if we'd put Victor up to it. Fred said no. And Halston's fired everyone at the house--Lorenzo and the maid, too. All since last weekend. And he's having trouble with his line, he can't work, he's been so upset. The other night in the basement at 54 there was a huge fight that Elsa started--she was attacking Stevie and calling everybody faggots and it was really bad, I guess. I wasn't there. Bob finally got her to leave with him. It's enough to make you want to stay home for the rest of your life. She was smashing glasses and everything. So between Victor and Elsa, Halston's really a wreck.

The other big event at the office in the afternoon was when Ronnie opened the door to the bathroom in the conference room--that lock doesn't really work--and there was Margaret Trudeau sitting on the toilet with her pants down and a coke spoon up her nose. He said, "Excuse me," and backed out. She'd come down with Tom Sullivan.


Tuesday, August 10, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, April 3, 1978--New York

Tom Sullivan came by with Margaret Trudeau in a red dress and we picked up Catherine and then we went to Studio 54 for the Academy Awards party that Polaroid was giving, that Truman Capote and I were the hosts of.

I'm never going to let my name be put on a party again because all it does is get you in trouble with the people you forget to invite or who don't get in for some reason. The invitations got all screwed up. I mean, a hand-delivered invitation from me to myself arrived at the office in the afternoon.

We went upstairs and found Truman sitting on the landing on the couch and we went ot see Mick and Jerry and Diana Vreeland with George Trow and Margaraet and Tom.

Danny Fields was next to me and he had a great idea for a movie like Saturday Night Fever, about a boy who's straight but wanto to be the best faggot in town because he sees all the fags having such a good time and he thinks it would be more fun. It's the Ronnie Cutrone story.

I hated the Awards, I hated the whole thing. I hated every nominee and I hated everything that won. I must be really out of it. But nobody good like John Travolta won. I mean, Richard Dreyfuss? I mean, if he's a sex symbol, I don't know what the world is coming to. And there was Vanessa Redgrave doing her same stupid Communist routine up on stage that she did for us at 860 once. And I can't stand Woody Allen movies. I guess that says something. I ran into Jim Andres of Polaroid. Yul Brynner was there, and Eric Clapton, and I kept looking for Doc Cox but I didn't see him. Bob came and told us that all the people who counted were down in the basement--Halston and Apollonia and Tom Sullivan and Margaret and Barbara Allen with Ryan O'Neal who's in town shooting Oliver's Story with Candice Bergen. I introduce Ryan and Margaret, and she seemed interested. I told her that Paris Match wanted her to do photos for them, to work for them, but she said she didn't like Paris Match, that it was too gossipy.

Bob thinks that Stevie threw away the list of old people we gave him to invite, because Aileen Mehle--"Suzy"-- and Ahmet and Mica had been cold to him and he found out they hadn't gotten their invitations. And after this party with everybody mad at us, we've hit rock bottom.

Halston might want to rent Montauk.

And let's see, who else was there? Sylvia Miles, Earl Wilson, Mariel Hemingway, Brooke Shields and her mother, Maxime, Lily Auchincloss, Geraldine Smith and Liz Derringer, David Johansen, PH, Steve Paul, Tinkervelle, Glenn O'Brien and his girlfriend Cheryl, Charles Rydell, Clarisse Rivers, Roz Cole, Steve Aronson, Chris Makos, Robert Hayes, Earl McGrath, Richard Bernstein, Andrew Wylie, Peter and Sandy Brant, Joe Allen and his girlfriend, Jed, Jay, Ed Walrsh, Gael Malkenson, Jackie Rogers and Peter Marino and Eduardo Agnelli.


Monday, August 09, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Sunday, March 19, 1978

Palm Sunday. I went to church, but some lady had gone around and taken all the palms. Walked down to Laurent on 56th Street for lunch. Chris Makos was just in a leather jacket and his boyfriend didn't have a tie, and it looked like a good restaurant, but they were prepared for Dali's crowd so they didn't care.

Ultra Violet was sitting next to Dali and she did something great--she wore the exact same outfit as the day we met her in the sixties--a pink Chanel miniskirt suit with the same boots and her hair the same way. And she had a bracelet that was a Brillo pad, she said that after she was done using it as jewelry she would clean her pot with it. and she had another bracelet made out of eight inches of the corrugated cardboard that they wrap bottles in, sprayed gold, and glued together. It looked great. I guess Ultra is creative in a way. She said I told her the last time I saw her that she should start a new look -- "Park Avenue Punk"--and she said that's what gave her the idea to do "Christian Punk"--and now she sings the Lord's Prayer and puts in the word "asshole," which I think it's disgusting. She's going to do her act at the Riverboat, and I told her she should start at CBGB. I'd brought two copies of the Dali book so Dali could sign them and it turned out that one of them had already been signed "To Fred" so Dali resigned it to me. Dali is so full of ideas, and he's ahead of things, but then he's behind in others. It's odd. he was telling me about a book that's just been written in Paris about a brother and sister who were so in live that the brother ate her shit. He said that my ideas of piss-painting was old-fashined because it'd been in the movie Teorema which is true, it was. I knew that. And then he said something great--he said that the punks are the "Shit Children," because they're descendents of the beatniks and the hippies, and he's right. Isn't that great? The Shit Children. he is smart. Dali told me that he was looking for "beautiiful freaks" and I told him I'd send him Walter Steding. Walter was performing on his "magic violin" later that night at Max's. And Dali was really sweet, he'd brought a plastic bac full of hi used-up palettes as a present to me.

And I've got to get some hly water for the house. I forgot. They give it to you free in the church lobby.


Sunday, August 08, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Friday, March 10, 1978

Stayed uptown in the morning because I was going to interview Kirk Douglas at Quo Vadis for lunch. Nicky Haslam was there with Sybil Burton Christopher, but I didn't recognize her because she has a different-color hair now. Kirk Douglas looked good. He was charming, so adorable. Lally Weymouth came over and she was Kirk's best friend and he was stroking her in the lobby. Bobby Zarem surprised us and forked up forr the lunch. Kirk said he wanted to go to Studio 54 that night and asked if we'd call and leave his name at the door. For the interview Krik talked about how Hollywood had a t first wanted to putty up his dimple.

After work dropped off Catherine (cab $4) and changed, then we went all the way down to the Bottom Line ($5) to see Lou Reed's act. There was a line around the block, but then inside it wasn't crowded, it was nice. Ronnie and Gigi and Clive Davis and Bob Feiden were there, and they wanted to confiscate Catherine's tape recorder at the door, but she only gave them the batteries. A girl was on before Lou, and then he was late coming out, but then he did and I was proud of him. For once, finally, he's himself, he's not copying anybody. Finally he's got his own style. Now everything he does works, he dances better. Because when John Cale and Lour were the Velvets, they really had a style, but when Lou went solo he got bad and was copying people like Mick Jagger. Butt last night he did his song "I Want to Be Black" -- which never was good before but now it is.


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