Tuesday, August 31, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, December 25, 1978

Went to church. Tom Cashing called to say Merry Chirstmas.

The turkey at Halston's was ready at 9 P.M. it was really good. We reviewed the night before. Halston revealed that Steve had spent the whole day with Roy Cohn and that he was only coming over for a while, he had to go back to see him some more.

At Studio 54 the IRS found a room full of cash. And now when I think about it, hearing how much money Steve actually had, he could have been treating us wonderfully. He could have been so generous and spending so much, and he just wasn't. he did take us to La Grenouille once, but it could have been so much more.

And they were talking about Bianca's divorce, Steve saying she should hire Roy Cohn and sue Mick for everything, but the thing's so complicated--Bianca wants the divorce in London and Mick wants it in France because France is where she signed the paper saying she wouldn't get anything in a divorce settlement.


Monday, August 30, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, December 18, 1978

Brigid's down to 140 and looks good. Charles Rydell is staying at her apartment and she's so mean to him. She really is mean. He can't watch her TV, he can't put his feet up, he can't go to the bathroom. After everything he's done for her--I mean, he gave her handouts for years.

Truman called. He's going to do some long slice-of-life pieces for Interview. We're going to tape him, and then Brigid will transcribe the tapes, and then Truman will turn them into articles.


Sunday, August 29, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Tuesday, December 5, 1978

Doug Christmas came to the office with a rich lady named Connie from Texas. He's flown in just for the day to take her back because he feels real money there. Cabbed to meet them ($4).

She wants a life-size portrait. Her girlfriend is the lady with the Kimbell Museum that I did, I can't remember her name, and she says she doesn't want a big head like I usually paint--she wants something different, a life-size portrait. She said she turned down Jackie O.'s portrait guy--what's his name? is it Shicker? And she said that if I'm going to do her portrait we have to "get to know each other." OH GOD, OH GOD! she invited me to the $3 million house she's building in Fort Worth. when she kept talking about getting to know us, I finally ran away. Then Fred ran away. But then we came back.

Victor called and said he was on his way to Caracas and I told him, "Don't do it, Victor, don't do it." I think he might get stopped at the border, its too dangerous. I'm afraid he's going to try something.

I was invited over to William F. buckley's for music at 6:00, they have things like that.


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