Saturday, May 28, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Thursday, November 20, 1980

Called the office ($.25 because I didn't have a dime). Walked down Madison. Somebody stopped me with really bad breath. I've been trying to clean Archie's teeth but it's not working. I love the natural toothpaste I get at Brownies--cinnamon and spearmint--but what I really love is Close-up and Ultra-Brite. Close-up is so good, really poisonous-looking. and when Brigid and I go to May's, you see people opening the toothpaste tubes and taking a taste. Brigid does that.

Worked till 7:30. Dropped Rupert off. Barbara Allen called and was upset with what Scavullo said in the newspaper--that he doesn't know how some people get into high society because they dont' know anything, like Barbara Allen. And she had on her gih-class voice (cab $6).

Then I went to Lee Thaw's party at 72nd and Park for the Maharaja of Baroda because he'd just done a book called Palaces of Jaipur published by Alex Gregory who publishes all the big bombs. And the Maharaja said he was going to be on To Tell the Truth next week, which was so funny because I mean you hear people at these parties saying they're going to be on the Today Show and Meet the Press and things, and then he says, "I'm going to be on To Tell the Truth." so they'll be guessing who he is.

I met Shirley Who's English, from Vogue. A beauty editor. She was fun. She has big tits. And next to her was Daniel Ludwig, the richest man in the world, and he wasn't talking and she wanted to get him to, and she knew the odd kinds of information, like how scientists can now look with microscopes at babies and predict where their future wrinkles will be. And then I talked to mary McFadden and she was such a camp. She said, "People put down your portraits, adn I defend you. I tell them, 'At least they have good color!'" Home at 12:00.


Friday, May 27, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, November 10, 1980--Paris

Philippe Morillon called and said he was bringing over some Interview material at 7:00.

Mick was coming over at 4:00 adn I wanted to avoid him because, I don't know, what can you say to Mick Jagger? He wanted to be along with Fred Hughes anyway--Fred's the one he talks to, I don't know what about.

Crhistopher and I walked to Cerutti's and Bambi was playing right next door and since it was a holiday the mothers were standing out there with their kids and it was the longest line of tiny little kids waiting to get into a movie. It seemed so sad that these little kids had to wait, they should've opened the doors and let them right in.

Went to the Cafe Flore looking for Shirley Goldfarb's ghost (cab $8). And Shirley's ghost was not around. We sat inside and didn't see anyone we knew.

Went ot a bookshop and I finally came across the next idea I really want to work on--mothers with babies sucking on their tits. It's just so erotic, I think that it's a good subject. Actually Eunice Shriver gave me the idea, and the other night we saw a madonna in an apartment, a little baby on top of a sexy lady, a cherub sucking on a tit, and there's something about that that looks good. So Christopher's going to find me some mothers with babies just born.

Then Chris's hotel was right next to the Flore so he took me up to show me his room, which we're paying for and I thought it was such a dump, but he had gotten a TV and he was really thrilled.

In the Herald Tribune they describe the horrible death of Steve McQueen. They really went into detail.

Rocksavage invited us over to see his place. There was a big piano and I asked him to play and he just played the most beautiful music. I haven't heard good music played on the piano in so long. I didn't know--these different periods you go into, I never even get to a concert anymore.

Later Fred poured me a big glass of Mirabelle and I guess I told him I had personal problems and then we talked about art things to do. Fred thought we should do a series of Disney/Warhol, that we should do Snow White and a couple of the dwarfs, and Bambi adn anything--Donald Duck. And so I was really thrilled after we decided to do that, and I hope Rob Feldman will think it's a good idea.

I was reading Interview and Bob really wants to drop Tinkerbelle but her interview with George Burns--who I think's had it--she somehow made it very interesting. It's a good piece of writing and I think we should keep her. She gets Bob really upset, but she's one of our good writers.


Thursday, May 26, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Saturday, October 25, 1980

It was gusting winds, stood on the corner for twenty-five minutes before I got a cab. Sean McKeon the Wilhelmina model called from Japan. It was Sunday there. Bob was working on the Ten Straight Men for Sao dinner that he'd promised her, still trying to find some straight guys. Every straight man cancelled. I guess they won't come out with us without Richard Weisman and the athletes. Dropped Rupert (cab $6.50).

Bob was ringing the doorbell, he had a limo with Sao. We went to Helene Rochas and Kim D'Estainville's at the Olympic Tower for a drink. It was windy. Sao had just had her hair done and she said that she would never live there because when you walk in the door the draft is so strong that your hairstyle always goes. She said she knew a couple of women who've moved out because of that. So before she went in, we had to go in and have the guy close the inner door and that got rid of the wind and then she came in.

Then we went to dinner at 65 Irving. We picked up Franco Rossellini on the corner in our limo. We yelled, "Mary!" and he didn't hear us, and then, "Porno Queen!" and he still didn't hear us and he was wearing a cape and finally he saw us. He'd told Bob earlier in the day that he was retiring from the movie business because he'd made so much money on Caligula.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, October 13, 1980

I left the office and walked toward the big Columbus Day parade. Walked to 42nd and Sixth Avenue (cab $5.50).

The day was really depressing because I had to talk to the accountants about taxes all morning. I ate crackers and coffee.

Bob picked me up in a limo and we picked up Sao to go to the Jackie O. party for Diana Vreeland's book Allure at the International Center for Photography at 94th and Fifth. It was a small party, only seventy people were allowed. Sao said that a robbery was just foiled at the Carlyle. Three gunmen at 4 A.M. I scared her when I told her they were probably there because they knew she was. And I believe that.

Jackie O. arrived. I was afraid to take pictures so I gave one of the newspaper photographers my camera to take a picture with. Chris Hemphill who worked on the book was in heaven, he made it so that I had to sit next to him. He's just always rubbed me the wrong way. And on the jacket it said (laughs) "associated with Andy Warhol." His date was Deborah Turbeville. A trembling kid behind a stairway asked if he could take my picture. He said, "I'm an artist."

Jackie was there with the Morgan Library guy, Charles Ryskamp. She had Gloria Vanderbilt at her table. And the de la Rentas. Oh I hate them. Francoise doesn't kiss me anymore. Good. They wanted to go home early.

Got home and the music in my house was blasting from top to toe--Aurora was entertaining a gentleman friend and I was so embarrassed that I'd come home before she expected. They were playing my new Bee Gees record.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Wednesday, September 17, 1980

I was tired from the Philadelphia trip.

So many Jewish newspapers are coming to interview me about the Ten Jewish Geniouses--Jewish day, Jewish Week, Jewish Month--and Fred thinks I shouldn't do any more interviews for a while, that I've been doing too many. And he's right.

I walked home, glued myself together. Thomas Ammann was picking me up to go to Sondra Gilman's party. It was for Nick Roeg, but Nick was gone when we got there. It was so hot there, people were sweating. Sylvia Miles was there, and Sylvia acts so funny, she feels like we've dropped her and she says she want to "renew our relationship." But whenever she invites me to be her date someplace, it's always someplace that I've already been invited to, so I have to tell her that I'm already going and that I'm taling somebody. And she told the best gossip--that Joe Dallesandro is now living with Paul Jabara. No wonder he hasn't been alling for money.

Sondra had some interesting people there--like Tony Walton the stage designer. Sondra looked great in this beautiful bright yellow silk dress--the color I used on the Debbie Harry portrait--really pretty and she said, "You'll fall over if I tell you." So she told us and Bob and I did fall over--it was a Diane Von Furstenberg. Off the rack for $120. It really was pretty.

Sondra produced the new Nick Roeg movie. Bad Timing with Art Garfunkel and that girl I think I met there, Teresa Russell, she didn't look like anything. The food was awful. We left and Sondra was still serving quail eggs, they have a quail-egg farm.


Monday, May 23, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Saturday, September 13, 1980

Decided to go over to the Kennedy bash to celebrate that Michael was getting married to Vicky Gifford. I didn't want to go alone so I waited on the corner for Fred and Mary Richardson to pick me up and we cabbed to 55th and Sutton Place to Le Club. The paparazzis were all there, Ron Galella and everybody. Caroline and John-hon were there and Eunice Shriver--I think it was her--and Ethel. The only grown ups missing werer Jackie and Ted. And Jean Kennedy Smith.

Fred and I were at the olds folks' table. Eunice told me that she likes madonnas and I told her that I was doing modern Madonnas and I'm going to call her to come down to the office. Michael gave a speech about how he loved Frank gifford and it was like having a new father. And the little ten-year-old gave a speech about how when Michael was in a car and had to go to the bathroom he pissed in a beer bottle and they were all telling him to shut upbut he wouldn't. And Robert Jr. gave the best speech, he'll prrobably be better than Teddy, he'll probably be the one. But the funniest Kennedy was the one who was dancing with his girlfriend's purse and being like a fairy. They all dance pretty good. Kerry wrote some songs and they all sang them. Mary kissed all the boys, she knew them all.

I ws then invited to a boat party that Calvin Klein and Elton John were giving down at that boat called the Peking where Yves St. Laurent had the Opium party that I'd missed so I wanted to go. Elton John had given a concert for 400,000 kids in the park. Fred wanted to take Mary and Kerry and a bunch of boys, so we got a limo outside to go downtown. It was a beautiful night. And I saw some interesting people there like Joe Dallesandro. and Archie and Amo's vet, who's so good-looking, Dr. Kritscik, was there. And John Samuels. Every model in town. Lester Persky was running around after every model there.


Sunday, May 22, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Friday, September 5, 1980--New York--Miami

New York to Miami is the worst line to go on, everybody's so ugly and Puerto Rican and Cuban and South American, it's just sort of disgusting. Florida's really changed, it's so different down there, it's a new world (magazines and newspapers $12).

We were picked up by a limousine and taken to Turnberry Isle, and traffic was so bad it took us an hour and a half and I had to glue myself for a cocktail party downstairs and I had three portraits to take photos for during cocktail time. They had a big buffet with all the great food and I couldn't eat anything because i had to talk to all these people who wanted me tio sign autographs and I talked to this lady and she wanted her portrait done right then and there so we had to leave and go upstairs and oh she had pearls on that were a knockout, relly like down to her belly and so beautiful. i just don't remember her name but she's good friend of Liza's. She asked me if I wanted a blow and I said no, she was one of those crazy ladies. So i did her portrait, and then the lady who owned the hotel was giving a dinner downstairs, very classy. I sat between the hostess and another portrait and had a really great time.

After dinner I had to go to the room and do the two other ladies and we had Rupert as a makeup man. The first was all pale because she was too elegant to go into the sun and get wrinkles and the other girls were dark and suntanned so it was very hard, we had to really redo them without a real makeup person. And so we used a lot of white makeup. And so finally we got them all over by 2:00 A.M. and we all went to bed and I was so esxhausted I couldn't sleep.


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