Saturday, June 04, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, February 22, 1981

Jerry Hall called. She said that poor Mick has been down in Peru with the Herzog movie and it rains all day and he has to sleep on a wet mattress and Jason Robards was taken away with pneumonia to a hospital in New York and now he doesn't want to go back. and I invited her to lunch with the Basses from Texas.

When I was on my way home I ran into Alan J. Weberman, the "King of Garbology" who was on the corner making a phone call. I know who he was because he handed me a resume with all his garbage credits on it. He said he'd just been through Roy Cohn's garbage and Gloria Vanderbilt's. I think he began his career with Dylan's. I was scared that he'd see where I lived so I went in the other direction.

Finally got home, glued, and walked to the armory. It was Roy Cohn's birthday party. Black tie. The Mafiosos types weren't in black tie, though. Steve and Ian didn't come because they didn't want the publicity. there were about 200 people. Lots of heavies. Donald Trump, Carmine DeSapio, the D'Amatos, David Mahoney, Mark Goodson, Mr. LeFrak, Gloria Swanson, Jerry Zipkin, C.Z. Guest and Alexander, Warren Avis, Rupert Murdoch, and John Kluge. and the reason I'm able to remember so many is because Joey Adams made a speech where he mentioned everyone in the room.

I was talking to a guy and I said how terrible it was that they watned to tear down this beautiful armory and he said the thought it was a good idea because he was inconstruction. They brought out a lot of cakes--each had one letter that spelled out "Happy Birthday Roy Cohn." Roy really got the press there, the Times and the Post.


Friday, June 03, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, February 16, 1981

Got up at 9:00, it was a holiday. Presidents's Day--They've put Washington and Lincoln together and made it on a Monday.

Fred came in. Nobody asked him about his father's funeral.

I worked on Myths--Dracula and the Wicked Witch. I look pretty good in drag, and I thought it would be fun for me to pose for it myself, but Fred said to do myself in drag at a later date, not to use up the idea on this portfolio.

How do you not get bags under your eyes? I know it's from water collecting, but oh, I just don't want ot get them.


Thursday, June 02, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Friday, January 23, 1981--New York

I glued, had to meet Jill Fuller at Le Cirque for Dinner. Le Cirque is the new Republican restaurant, I guess, since I saw Sirio down at the inauguration. My pictures came back, by the way, and at least I got a few good ones of the Reagan kids. I brought cute cousin David Laughlin for Jill. I told her that every time we had a date I'd bring her another boy that I thought she might like, one young and rich and beautiful.

Sharon Hammond was there and she was with a guy who lives in the Dakota and he has a bulldog and the bulldog was having puppies and he picked her up and was rushing her to the vet and one puppy dropped out right on the spot where John Lennon had fallen shot and that puppy died.


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Tuesday, January 20, 1981--Washington, D.C.

The driver picked us up at Ina Ginsburg's at 10:00, his name was Carter and he got us as close to the Capitol as he could and then we had to walk a couple of blocks and there were big crowds of people everywhere, lots of kids, lots of troops, marines, police. And finally we got through all the checkpoints and found our seats in section E and was complaining about how far back they were, but then we saw this black Marine march up to two white marines and salute them and they said (laughs)--well, we thought they'd say something like "The heads of state will be arriving soon and security is tightly under control," but they said, "The Heads of state will be arriving sitting in row sixty four." And then the three of them went marching off to look for more stars. We had binoculars. I focused on Rosalynn, she looked so sad.

Senator Pell gave Ina a seat on the president's platform for the swearing-in.

During the searing-in a Maine stopped in front of each row and said in a low voice, "The hostages have just left Tehran, in case you haven't heard." And there were helicopters everywhere just patroling the sky. And they had bulletproof glass all around the podium.

Afterwards in the Captiol building by a staircase that said "Senators Only," we ran into Doria and Ron, so we had all these big hellos. And then they got whisked away and we went down and another hall and suddenly there was a voice saying, "Andy! Andy!" and it was Happy Rockefeller and she said, "Andy, why don't you ever come and see those paintings you did of me?" She was in a mink coat. The place was practically empty by then and she had a Marine with a walkie-talkie next to her. We were actually the only people in the whole building without our own marines.

Listening to the inaugural address you get fired up and I felt like being a Republican. But then when it was over and you looked around at the faces on all the Republicans, I was glad I'm a Democrat--there really is a difference.


Tuesday, May 31, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Saturday, January 3, 1981

Worked all afternoon. Went to Chris Makos's birthday party. Peter Wise had decided to give him a hotel room for a present, he got him one at that hotel on Central Park South that nobody seems to go to anymore, the St. Moritz, and so we all went there (cab $3). And Peter was sweet, he'd brought all Chris's toletries and Chris loved it, he was thrilled. Jon Gould the vice-president from Paramount arrived with an airline steward. I think the roses that I keep sending him at work are embarrassing him, so I'd better stop. He tries to play it macho.

Then we went over to John Reinhold's apartment to see how the decorating job by Michael Graves is coming, and it's taken like nine months for one room--they keep making the window either one inch too small or too big so it keeps having to be redone.


Monday, May 30, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Wednesday, December 31, 1980

Still no heat at the office so it was hard to do things. Brigid called the lanlord a bastard on the phone, he's in Florida.

Wilson Kidde called and said he'd made it with a girl.

I was busy till about 8:00, then we left. Dropped Rupert. Went home, glued, then went over to Halston's. Victor was helping his friend Benjamin Liu get dressed in drag. when he's in drag he calls himself Ming Vauze. Then we went to the Olympic Tower for Halston's New Year's Eve party. The people there said that Steve Rubell had just called and said he'd be out of jail in two weeks.

Halston was still in the same kind of down mood, so he had mostly the girls and boys who work for him. He told me he dressed all the girls in tulle to make the place seem like it was full. From the window we could see the ball in Times Square coming down, and we could see the fireworks in the park. Marisol was there looking glum. Everybody was somebody you know so you hahd to kiss them all.


Sunday, May 29, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Thursday, December 25, 1980

it was the coldest day ever. And I'd been afraid to go to sleep because I was alone in the house. I'd like to get Nena and Aurora's brother Augusto to be a bodyguard, although he's like only two feet high, but he's just out of the Marine Corps and it's "Yes, sir!" and "No, sir!" and he's great. I was on my way to work but since there was no heat, I decided I just couldn't.

Picked up John Reinhold and we went to Sharon Hammond's for Christmas dinner (cab $5). But there wasn't anybody good there.

Sharon took me in the other room and showed me a picture of her English lord pissing, and his cock is like a horse's. She doesn't know if she should marry him, but I told her she should, with a cokc like that. He didn't give her the pillows she wanted for Christmas, he just gave her a TV for the bathroom. And no jewelry. he'd given her jewelry for her birthday and five minutes later she lost it in a cab so I guess he decided not to give her any more.


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