Saturday, June 11, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, June 1, 1981

Met with Marc Balet to show him the portrait of Trump Tower that I'm doing. Marc's arranged it so that the catalogue cover he's designing will be my painting and then the Trumps would wind up with this painting of their building. It's a great idea, isn't it?

Ronnie's going off to Basel to show his work at an art fair with Lucio Amelio.

I was taping Maura for dialogue for a broadway show I want to do called Runaway so we went to the building where her two boyfriends live, and it's the most incredible place, it gave me ideas. It's unbelievable--sixty different rock bands are all in this one building and some nutty guy owns it. We went up three floors and I asked the boys to show me some other rooms in the building, and so they'd knock on a door and say something like, "What do you groove in?" and they'd say. "We're the Spikes," and then another door and it'd be "Bongo and the Bears." They all pay $480 a month for a really small place. I'm going to go back there and really study the building. Runaway can be in this building and it'll be the story of who the girl chooses, a love story. it's such a crazy place, you're in the hallway and there's nothing but noise. The bi boyfriend said that he would dump Maura if I could get him David Bowie, and I said I would try.

Maura lives at Louise Westergaard's, who produces with Sondra Gilman--she takes care of the kids, and in return she gets to live there. And she had to get up early in the morning to get them off to school, so we went home. The straight boyfriend asked Maura if it was okay to go home with her, and she said yes. They kiss every minute and they kiss beautifully, with their hands.


Friday, June 10, 2005

ORIGINAL POST: Monday, May 25, 1981--East Falmouth--New York

Took the plane ride back from Huannis to LaGuardia. Everyone was eating peanuts and popcorn, and all of a sudden the plane actually really flipped over and I didn't care if we would have killed ourselves, because I was so unhappy. I'd thought that ths trip would bring some progress with Jon, but it din't. he'd left us to go see his family who really adore him. Oh, but from now on I can't talk personally about to the Diary because when I told him I did, he got mad and told me not to ever do it again, that if I ever put anything personal about him in the Diary he'd stop seeing me. So from now on, it'll just be the business angle in the Diary--he'll just be a person who works for Paramount Pictures who I'm trying to do script and movies with.

I gave a tip to the airplane driver ($100). Adn tipped the limousine driver ($20).

Got a call from Tina Chow inviting me to a party for David Bailey and his wife Marie. It turned out it was actually a big party. Marie is really beautiful, she had on one of those slit dresses. Eric Boman and Peter Schlesinger were there. I told everybody how I was a male model now, I was trying to hustle work. Jerry Hall came over and told how to suck cock and lick pussy and she told some jokes and it was fun, and then David started telling jokes. Paloma Picasso was there and she gave me a big kiss.


Thursday, June 09, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, May 4, 1981

I had a death threat, I'll get to it.

I ran over to Jane Sartin's for my appointment. Then she came in and said, "Oh, darling, your office called about then minutes ago, Vincent and Robyn, and they said it's very important." So I called them back and they said that that Kid Joey Sutton had called forty times. and he'd sent me a note last week--Vincent didn't open it, I did--that said: "Beware of May 5, it's Live or Die." He's been hallucinating a theory that I stole Mick Jagger's song "Miss you" from him and gave it to Mick Jagger to record. I don't know what he's talking about... I don't even know if this kid really writes songs. He's... disturbed.

So after Janet Sartin I went to Sporting to buy a hat to disguise myself. I got a camouflage hunter's hat ($27). Made phone calls ($2). Called Jon to tell him someone was threatening my life and when I finally got him (laughs) he didn't care. People were still asking for autographs, though, so i bought more disguises ($15.74) and then cabbed to Park and 18th ($5.50). Robyn was waiting for me there. A detective Rooney or something like that from the NYPD came over. And Risa Dickstein, she's Inteview's lawyer, said she has a detective we can hire, but I'm going to hire Agosto to be my bodyguard and go places with me.

Anyway, I wrapped some presents and then was picked up by Jon Gould and we went to La Grenouille to meet Chris Makos and Peter Wise (Cab $6). The place was crowded with funny Miami Beach people. We got an up-front table. And all the other people in the restaurant were jealous because we were having so much fun, they wanted to join the party. We'd brought gifts for each other and we were opening our gifts. Forr dessert we ordered two souffles and champagne. And moeny is the best gift so I gave peter $25 rolls of pennies which were so heavy. And Jon I gave $80 of Susan B. Anthony dollars. Jon gave Peter a teapot and a big mixing bowl. I gave them all silver clothespins for their letters. We were there till about midnight having a good time, adn we were blowing bubbles and Marcel the captain got a little mad at that (dinner $400).


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Saturday, April 18, 1981

Chris Makos had called me at 9:00 from Florida and he was so happy, so he depressed me again. I'm up to ten pushups but my situps are really bad. I moped around, my mind was somewhere else. Started work at 12:30 and worked till 7:00. Rupert got thrity calls and I didn't get one.

Picked up John Reinhold and we went to meet Tom Baker at the Playhouse on West 48th Street to see Sylvia Miles's one-woman show (cab $5, tickets $45). The sets were one well, it was a reproduction of her apartment, it had my Marilyn and the play mentioned me a few times. Then afterwards we went backstage and Sylvia had telegrams up and flowers and posters and that's just the kind of thing she loves, and I was so embarrassed I hadn't done anything like that for her, I'll have to send her champagne. The we dropped John Reinhold at home because he felt guilty because it was passover. Tom and I talked about Jim Morrison and Tom said they'd pick up three girls and then Jim would pass out and he'd have to fuck them all. Stayed till 4:00. Cab dropped Tom ($5).


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Wednesday, April 8, 1981

I got up early. I'd dreamt about Billy Name, that he was living under the stairs at my house and doing somersaults, and everything was very colorful. It was so weird, because his friends sort of invaded my house and were acting crazy in colorful costumes and jumping up and down and having so much fun and they took over, they took over my life. It was so weird. It was like clowns. Everybody was a clown in a funny way, and they were just living there without fun and then they'd go back and live in the closet. And so I got up and Christopher had left all the lights on, and the windows were open and it was very beautiful.

Went to hunt for the loden coat I was trying to buy for Jon Gould. And Bruno Bischofberger said the best loden coats were in Zurich and Fred said the best were in Paris. But I think the best ones are in Vienna.

Then we had to meet a kid named Andre Heller who has gold records and he owns all these paintings and wants me to do a drawing for his album cover. He was taking us down underground to show us dead people who're petrified and they're all in their eighteenth-century clothes. Fred said it might be a good idea to go, that maybe we'd get ideas there.

So we met him and he gave us about twenty boxes of candy. Then we went down into the catacombs and we had to oooh and ahh at all the dead bodies, and it was really cold down there and he'd made us leave our candy behind and we didn't want to do that but we did, and this place was just hateful. I hated it a lot. Fred loved it.

Then Bruno took us back to the hotel. Fred wanted to go for another walk, but Christopher wanted to go cruising in the part, so we just threw our stuff down and walked the whole park and that was good exercise.


Monday, June 06, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, March 16, 1981

Mrs. Mahoney, Who's the wife of the head of Norton Simon that bought Halston, slipped and told me that Halston was in the hospital and then said oops, and please not to tell, so I ran and called Bianca and she called Halston's and Mohammed lied and said that Halston was asleep and that Victor would call her later. I called the hospitals and they didn't have a Frowick or anything there. I wonder what's wrong with him.

It was rainy in the morning and not cold, but by the end of the day it was below zero. Mrs. de Menil and Mrs. Pompidou came down to the office, there were about six security people ahead of her and six ppeople with her. She's tall and beautiful. And Mrs. Malraux was with them. I don't know if she was the widow or a daughter-in-law or what. I gave everybody Philosophy books. and Mrs. De Menil is so skinny. she's building a museum in Houston, but she said to keep it a secret. Madame Pompidou only stayed ten minutes and then she went off--I didn't find out till later in the day that where she went off to was to see Nixon. And she said, "I saw your white hair from the Reagan box last night." She's part of the inner circle.

I waited at the office until it was time to go to Mrs. De Menil's (cab $4). Then Arman and his wife Corice were giving a dinner party afterwards for Madame Pompidou.


Sunday, June 05, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Sunday, March 8, 1981

At the cocktail party at Hans Mayer's house last night, there were a lot of people I'd done portraits of who I didn't recognize, so I thought they were potential new portraits. (laughs) Oh god, no wonder people think I'm out of it.

We had breakfast with Joseph Beuys, he insisted I come to his house and see his studio and the way he lives and have tea and cake, it was really nice. He gave me a work of art which was two bottles of effervescent water which ended up exploding in my suitcase and damaging everything I have, so I can't open the box now, because I don't know if it's a work of art anymore or just broken bottles. so if he comes to New York I've got to get him to come sign the box because it's just a real muck.


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