Saturday, June 18, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Sunday, August 30, 1981--New York--Colorado

We called Jack Nicholson the minute we arrived at John and Kimiko's house and he said that he'd meet us the next day. And it was just like talking in a movie, talking to Jack on the phone. it was so exciting. God, it was exciting.

Then John Denver was coming over for dinner and we'd read all the gossip papers--The Globe, The Star, The Enquirer, five of them--and we'd read everything about John Denver going back to his wife and all of a sudden the doorbell rang and there they were and we said we knew all about them, that they didn't have to talk. And they thought it was funny. And they were adorable. I said he was going to take me up on his private little airplane, he said he would fly us the next day to where we were going--Fort Collins. He said that he knew all about me and that people always tell him he looks like me.


Friday, June 17, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Wednesday, August 5, 1981

The Trumps came down. Donald Trump and his wife and two ladies who work for him, I guess. Mrs Trump is six months pregnant. I showed them the paintings of the Trump Tower that I'd done. I don't know why I did so many, I did eight. In black and grey and silver which I thought would be so chic for the lobby. But it was a mistake to do so many, I think it confused them. Mr Trump was very upset that it wasn't color-coordinated. They have Angelo Donghia doing the decorating so they're going to come down with swatches of material so I can do the painting to mathch the pinks and oranges. I think Trump's sort of cheap, though I get that feeling. And Marc Balet who set up the whole thing was sort of shocked. But maybe Mrs. Trump will think about a portrait because I let them see the protraits of Lynn Wyatt behind the building paintings, so maybe they'll get the idea.

Jon called from Hollywood.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, July 20, 1981

Got up. On the news was the tragedy of the weekend, the hotel walkway that collapsed in Kansas City and a lot of people were killed. Oh, and I'm reading in the Enquirer about Kate Jackson and Andrew Stevens. Kate was out with us at Halston's in Montauk this past weekend. She was with Rock Brynner, Yul's son. Kate will do things like look at the ocean and say how beautiful it is, or go out alone and stare at the moon or walk along the beach alone and pick up a rock and throw it (laughs) I'm serious! That kind of corny thing. I don't know. She's from the South, but still...

I stopped at John Reinhold's office to hear the news about the new diamond discovery in Australia, and diamond prices are down. Went to the office (cab $5).

I was really upset at Rupert because he's gone away for weeks to Jamaica, and now half of his assistants are going on vacation, too, and I got really mad at one of them, Horst, because I was telling him that Rupert better watch out, and I they couldn't help me that I was going to find myself another silkscreener. And Horst was laughing at me like a German--he said, "I should have brought you a rose, so you would be in a better mood." And I said, "Look, don't tell me about roses--Rupert got the job in the first place because Alex Heinrici went on a vacation--a long vacation just like this one that Rupert's taking--and I just looked around and found somebody else. And I can do it again."

And I blew my cool all day--I hung up on a few people, but it'll be good for their memoirs.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Sunday, July 5, 1981

At 12:00 Jon called and said he'd come over and we could go for a walk. He's gained ten pounds and I've lost weight. I'm back to 118 again. I should eat but I'll have to think about it, because I like being thin.


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Saturday, July 4, 1981

It rained and rained. It was the day of Averil's wedding to Tim Haydock. Suzie Frankfurt was getting us a limo out ot Manhasset.

Got a call from Christopher on the Cape. Peter wants to stay up there all summer and work on his art and take care of the garden which hasn't been taken care of since his father died. If he stays up there all summer and makes art and then comes to the city and sells it in the winter, he thinks' it's a good plan, which it is, butt Christopher can't stand family life and Peter's mother's up there and even though she likes the idea of Chris and Peter being together, Christopher just doesn't like family life. His father's Greek and he lives with a Chinese guy and his mother's in California, she's italian.

Went out to manhasset. Averil looked beautiful. The Kennedy boy who traded ties with me at his brother's wedding was there, wearing the tie I'd traded him, so he was imaginative. He said he was always going to wear it to weddings. I should have worn his. Catherine was there, she was a bridesmaid and her hair's lighter, so I guess she dyed it.

The boys had to pick up the girls and take them to their seats, and they were (laughs) about to take me until they realized that I wasn't a girl after all. They played "America the Beautiful" and everybody talked and yelled during the ceremony. Averil's whole family was there, so tall. And Fred was there in his morning coat. And Vincent and Shelly. and Rachel Ward was a bridesmaid. She just finished a movie with Burt Reynolds and now she's off to California to star opposite Steve Martin, so she's really made it. Jerry and Mick were there and Jerry's just dying to get married herself, you could feel the tension.

It was pouring rain and we went in the limo to the reception. It's such a great house. Talked to Catherine, she said Winnie wrote her a letter about Tom Sullivan dying that began: "Somebody who loved you so much is dead." Which was the exact same note she sent me: I don't know why Winnie's bothering, it was like a form letter.

And I was telling John Samuels--John Stockwell--that I thought he would have made it as an actor by now, and he said, "Listen, I'm only twenty," and then I realized he was right! I keep thinking he's like twenty-five. He invited me to his father's house over on West Island in Glen Cove where a lot of people at the wedding were staying for the weekend. It's the ninety-room Morgan house and there's like thirty guests and one servant--Nona Summers was saying how she mentioned she'd like breakfast in bed and everydoby laughed at her. And John Samuels told me how Michael Kennedy was swinging on the chandelier, but then when you go to his house they say, "Don't touch that--it'll break!" and they're pointing at some cheap chair. He says that they save all their destruction for when they go visiting, that that's why they're always so rowdy wherever they go--because they're so careful around theri own things.

All the kids were dancing and swimming naked. At 8:30 it was still raining. Then we left to go home and a boy jumped in the car, sat in front, I don't know who he was. We gave him a ride home.


Monday, June 13, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, June 22, 1981

The morning was just a disaster, I had the worst night's sleep ever. I shouldn't let these things happen to me, but... And my weight loss is still scary. I mean, I like being thin, but it's scary.

Got a call from Jon and he apologized for not coming over and said that maybe we could work things out. We made a dinner date. He came over and we had a serious talk. He was in his running suit. We went to Le Relais, and they didn't mind that he wa dressed that way. We sat down next to Edmund Gaultney. Then Rita Lachman came over with a Xerox of her invitation to the Prince Charles-Lady Diana wdding. Bob said she keeps the original in a vualt. I just know they're to disinvite her--say it wa a mistake or something (dinner $59). If you don't drink, meals are cheap.

I had an interesting talk with Jon. He said that I wasn't a serious enough person, that whenever he would say something significant I would make a light comment. so I'll have to try to be more serious. We talked about the movie business. He hates being caught between Barry Diller and the boss.

I'm having a vaporizer on all the time now, I really think it's helping my skin.


Sunday, June 12, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Tuesday, June 16, 1981

Got up early, went to a 10:30 appointment with Doc Cox. I was feeling fine, took my own temperature, and it was normal. The Doc said the pneumonia had completely cleared up.

Then I went to meet Jon at Citibank on the corner of Park and 57th, where he was getting a loan. It used to be my bank and it still is, sort of, because I have a safety-deposit box there which they haven't sent me any notices about for a long time. I should see about it. I think it has my deed to the house on Lexington and 89th Street. When I used to go to this bank there was just a teller, and now there's lines around the block.

Ran into Pat York. Ran into Gene Simmons of Kiss. Ran into an old rep of mine.

Eva from Stern sent over the article she wrote and I just couldn't believe it. I mean, I poured out my heart to her and she wrote the kind of rehashed article, you know--"Father died in coal mines/Warhola/Carnegie Tech"--and I poured out my heart to her. I actually gave her a good interview because she kept saying she wanted to do something really different. I mean I even told her that my father was a construction worker, and still--"Father died in coal mines." I mean, I only gave it because I like the guy who has Stern who was so nice to us in Munich. The one who's doing the liquor that'll last till the year 2000. And she didn't put in any of the young things that we did. The modern things. I mean, we had that great night at the Ritz which was really interesting where she told the kid I was an Andy Warhol double--and she didn't even use that.

I went to see Janet Sartin and confessed that her treatments weren't working, that I had eighteen pimples and that I'd gone back to my Orentreich methods because he has that stuff that dries them up overnight.

Did some Gun drawings and Gun paintings.

Oh, and I heard that Jed's sister Susan is marrying Mel Brooks's son! I mean if that spoiled girl lands on Easy Street I just won't be able to stand it.


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