Saturday, June 25, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Sunday, Novermber 22, 1981

Decided to go up to see the Roy Lichtenstein show at the Whitney, and I called Jon and asked him if he wanted to go. Walked up Madison (tickets $4). Saw the show and it was great, I was so jealous.


Friday, June 24, 2005

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1981--Toronto--New York

Customs was disgusting again. Cabbed into town ($20). We made it to the office by 1:00. Finally T.T. Wachtmeister said I could bring Jon to the dinner for the king of Sweden at Reginete's. So then I called him and he wasn't sure if he wanted to go. I was getting nervous and drinking coffee--I had an opening at 4:00, a retrospective of prints, down at the Castelli Gallery. Leo called and asked when I was coming down, he wanted to show me a photograph of me by Hans Namuth, which did turn out to be beautiful.

I hated the show. And Ethel Scull said, "Do you remember me?" (laughs)

And Lester Persky invite me to his cocktail party before the king of Sweden party, but I couldn't go because the only way I could get Jon to come to the king of Sweden dinner was by first taking him to Giorgio San't Angelo's surprise party for Marina Schiano.

Oh, and I'm forgetting the most glamorous thing of my opening. Warren Beatty walked in with Diane Keaton and I made a Faux pas by saying, "I just read that article about you in Playgirl," and they said, "Oh, my God!" and ran out. I don't know if they were interested in buying art or if Diane Keaton wanted to tkae pictures, but anyway they made quite an effort to come to this crowded thing, so that was nice.

So later at Reginette's I really liked dinner, it was fun. The cute girl next to Jon was an Argentininan, a Ford model, and she was cute because she ate the bread that I'd autographed. And (laughs) the king of Sweden was there. bob said that a few months ago Diana Ross's P.R. guy wouldn't say if she would come or not to this dinner, that (laughs) asked Bob, "Well, who else is going to be there besides you, Andy and the king of Sweden?"

I got home and went to bed and the alarm went off at 3:30 and I was scared and Aurora was there and we went taround the house together holding hands and it was a false alarm, we didn't find the bogeyman.


Thursday, June 23, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Wednesday, November 18, 1981

I bought three National Lampoon's because they parodied Interview. ($6)

Went to my modeling job for L'Uomo Vogue (cab $7) on West 21st Street. Way Bandy was there and a hairdresser named Harry, an English kid, just funny and cute, and Way was wonderful, we talked about health foods and he doesn't wear too much makeup for day. He looks very good, he's had a lot of facelifts and we talked about that. He goes to bed at 11:00 and gets up at 5:00 and spends two and a half hours doing his yoga and everything. Way and the hairdresser each get $1,000 a day so I'd like to hire him twenty-five times a year to make me up for special occasions, but he says he can only fit me in six times. and then they left and two other people came to do me up punk--a black guy and a hairdresser named Mary Lou Green. And they had a Blondie wig so I would look like a girl, and then they made me up like Ronald Reagan, too.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Saturday, October 10, 1981

I wanted to see Duran Duran at the Savoy because their videotape was good, it's called "Girls on Film." When I got there the first band was still on. Duran Duran are good-looking kids like Maxwell Caulfield. And then afterwards they wanted to meet me so we went backstage and I told them how great they were. They all wore lots of makeup but they had their girlfriends with them from England, pretty girls, so I guess they're all straight, but it was hard to believe. We went to Studio 54 in their white limo and Steve Rubell was really nice to them. He took them to the booth and gave them drinks. Ran into old friends, met a bunch of new kids and got home at 5:00 (cab $5).


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Sunday, October 4, 1981

So many people must see Saturday Night Live, because instead of people on the street saying, "There's Andy Warhold the artist," I heard, "There's Andy Warhol from Saturday Night Live." They'd seen my first segment on it the night before.

I read The New York Times. They still haven't reviewed my Myths show. They're ignoring it. Roy has a show now at the Whitney. I haven't seent it. I'm sure it's good, though, he's my favorite painter after Rosenquist. Then cabbed to Jon's to work on making a play--a musical--out of the tape transcripts. We now have enough dialogue but I wish I could thinkg of a strange story to use it in.


Monday, June 20, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Thursday, September 17, 1981

The weather was rainy, walked around with Interviews and then went to Dr. Cott, who Ina Ginsburg said knew about nutrition, on 38th and Third, a big new building (cab $4.50). He was in 2-D and he had two secretaries. He looked like a Hollywood doctor. Wrinkled, but healthy-looking, and young, white curly hair. Jewish. And he was like a psychiatrist, he asked me questions about my life and nodded and jotted things down. I told him I was born in 1931. Look, they don't know, life and nodded and jotted thing down. And before I told him that I lost my pigment and hair when I was young, he looked at my hair (laughs) and said, "I hope you don't mind cutting off some of your hair for a check on it." so I told him I was there because of pimples because I want to model. We talked about vitamins and he told me all vitamins are chemicals and that vitamin C is made from corn. It took an hour and he prescribed so many medicines, like trytophan because I said I couldn't sleep. And I told him I'd taken that and that it made me feel so peculiar, and he said, "Well, then just take one." And he told me that a fresh apple is the best thing to have before bed, because it has some sleeping powder in it. And I told him I couldn't remember things or something.

Walked with Bob over to Barneys for the opening of the new top floor that the Peter Marinodesign, and it's nice up there--little shops where they sell dishrags and jellies and things. We went to the Armani room for lunch. Gene Pressman, the son of the owner, told me I could get a discount on anything because of the ads I'm modeling in for them.


Sunday, June 19, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Wednesday, September 2, 1981--Colorado---New York

The papers were full of me and my age. They all gave my age. That school's going to become one of the best schools because they're really intelligent. They had this course called something like "Wind Tunnel," and the professor puts models of big buildings into a tunnel and blows the air though to see what happens to them. With all the wind pressure. He said there were five very dangerous buildings in this country, but he wouldn't tell us which ones and I kept saying (laughs), "What about the Gulf+Western?"

And so then we had to go to our next stop, a class where they collect semen from a bull. And they brought the bigger bulls with flies on them that you could ever imagine. They had this poor little animal--he had his head stuck in a thing--and the guy said, "This is a steer, and when he was young, other male steers would jimp on him, he's just one of these strange animals that give off the wrong hormones." And so as soon as they saw that happening they pulled him out and segregated him, and now he's being used in this experiment to get fucked by a big bull. And there was a big bull sitting there, waiting.

Christopher ran out of film and he was going nuts, he wanted to get the big cock out. So they get the bull over and let him mount the steer and he give out some juice but they don't want that juice. His cock is like a two-foot pencil. It's pointed. So the guy said, "Wait, I have to get the artificial vagina." So he ran in and got the glove and everything, and then the bull mounted again and he ejaculated really fast and the whole thing was over. Then we went into the office and watched while the guy took the sperm out of the artificial vagina.

All of us slept on the way to the airport for some reason except Chris, he said he was going to spend the night in Denver and go to the baths. Watching the bull must have got him really hot.

Got to New York, our driver was waiting for us. Dropped Fred off and he gave me my underwear which was in his bag, then dropped Bob off. Tipped the driver ($40).

Bob had the best news because he got the job he tried out for on the new Paramount TV show, Entertainment Tonight. Barry diller called him up and told him.

Oh, and I forgot to say that Truman called on Monday and his voice--I didn't even know it was him on the phone. He was saying Cuckoo things, like that he'd died twice and that his brain had stopped for thirty-two seconds so that's what he was going to call his next book--Thirty-two Seconds. Then the next day, Tusday, at about 6:30, he collapsed in his lobby and all the newspapers and TV reporters rushed over to U.N. Plaza. He was taken to the hospital and it was front-page news, it got the cover of the Post and everything, and so I think he must have gotten the press that we were supposed to get at the Feldman Gallery. Because the TV people never came.


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