Saturday, July 02, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Wednesday, January 6, 1982

Heiner Friedrich was having a tea party at his place on 82nd Street. You were supposed to take your shoes off but I didn't and I should have. And the driver who drove us was the best driver I've ever had, named Manny, he was sort of black. Fred told me I couldn't say anything to Heiner about loaning us money for the building. But Heiner's having another party next week and then I will. Because he's taking John Chamberlain's loft and making a museum for him there, and I think why doesn't he rent the Madison Avenue part of our new building and have the museum for me there? I would ask him but people only want ot do things if they think of it themselves, so I'll just hint and hint. I did suggest that he open a bar in the building and he said no, no, that Moslems don't drink--he and Philippa are moslems now that they're Whirling Dervishes.


Friday, July 01, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Friday, January 1, 1982--Aspen

Decided to go to the hospital to see if my arm was broken from when I'd fallen the day before. Went to the emergency room, they were really nice there. One girl was really fun, out of Pittsburgh or my grade school or something and then while we were there I got X-rayed and while we were waiting for the X-rays they put you in these little cubicles made of bedspreads and then they wheeled a man in who said, "Am I in heaven?" and he said he couldn't feel anything below his neck, and they all got scared and they wheeled him under the X-ray machine. And they were all these kids with bones coming out of their legs and it scared me so much.

And then it was four o'clock and Jon had to meet someone named Dawn Steel from Paramount Pictures at the United city Bank.

Went to Barby Benton's for dinner and Zev Bufman, the Little Foxes producer, was there. and Mrs. Bufman, who I could see would never let him have an affair with Elizabeth Taylor. Barby gave us a tour of the house and it's sort of like the Watts Tower, all built by hand--the architect would go to the stream and get the marble to build the steps. It was sort of nice, but not with the things that Barby put up.


Thursday, June 30, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Thursday, December 31, 1981--Aspen

We went to Sonny's wedding. We finally found the beautiful church and we had to stand, the ceremony was already on, and they were singing beautiful songs, and the preacher finally came on and said, "I pronounce you, Sonny and Cherie"--he said "Cherie" instead of "Susie"--and the whole audience gasped and she said, "My name isn't Cher-ie, it's Susie," and the preacher got very upset, he said that he knew he was going to do that, and then he said a million times, "Sonny and Susie, Sonny and Susie" till the end of the ceremony. They had lighted candles and Chastity was the flower girl, she was kind of tall. and it was really beautiful, it was snowing outside and everybody had candles and Susie was all in white and Sonny was crying. We were invited to Cathy Lee Crosby's party for Sonny. But we went off to one of the halls where Jimmy Buffett and his wife were hosting a New Year's Eve party.

We found a corner where Lisa Taylor was and I made a faux pas and asked her about John McEnroe and she said she just broke up with him and she was drowning herself in drink. She was drinking tequila and Coke in a shot glass, she said it goes right to your head and you get drunk really fast. And then I said hello to Jack Nicholson and Anjelica. And in Yesterday's paper Margaret Trudeau talked about her affair with Jack, and her new book is out where she talk about her cowboy Tom Sullivan and she doesn't even say that he died.

Cathy Lee Crosby's party was starting at 11:30 but I didn't want to be in anybody's house at the twelve o'clock thing, so while we were walking we just decided to stay in the square, we let all the other people go ahead and we just stood in the square because it was a small version of Times Square. It was all the Aspen kids all drunk, sort of drooling and falling and blowing horns and stuff like that in the middle of town, and it was sort of cute, it looked like La Boheme, it looked more fake than the real thing.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Thursday, December 24, 1981

Steve Rubell wanted me to go to C.Z. Guest's Christmas thing in Old Westbury, but that would have meant an hour drive out there and an hour back. I didn't want to do anything difficult because I was so afraid I was getting sick. I could feel it in my throat. Jon called from Massachusetts and wanted to know what shirt size I wore. I was the only one home, so he had to ask me. He said he'd call Halston's at 10:00.

Got home and was too tired, had some brandy and got drunk by the time I was supposed to go out. The dogs were with Jed, away for the holidays. Walked over to Halston's. Victor had called and given me the list of people who were going to be there, about twenty names, and I'd made up some packages to give them--snot rags with dollar signs. And a piece of sculpture.

Liza was there, though, and Victor hadn't said she would be and I didn't have anything for her, so I said I'd give her a Martha, and she was thrilled, she threw up her arms. Liza'd been to Harlem all day to visit the sick kids in the hospital. And that's the best thing to do. Jane Holzer and I said we'd do it next year. Liza's here seeing her father, he's dying of heart problems. Pat Cleveland was there, just over hepatitis, and she kissed everybody and my resistance is so low I think I'll get it. Jane told me finally that she's madly in love with Ian Schrager and I said I didn't want to hear it because I'd only tell her negative things and then she'd only report them to him who I do really like. I told her that she should just get his business sneese from him and that's it.

She'd had gold dimes made up, had them cast and she gave one to me. She had them made up for Ian because he always puts dimes in his mouth for phone calls. it's such a clever gift.

At 3:00 Jane dropped me off and I took aspirin and packed and took my sleeping pill.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Saturday, December 12, 1981

Halston called and invited me to dinner for Jade Jagger. Brought Jade a Dollar Sign painting. Bianca is trying to be a Communist, she's a Nicaraguan guerrilla now. Halston was funny, telling her how beautiful she looked and how rich her clothes were, and I told her I'd just been to see Mrs. Marcos and she said how could I, and I said that if the Marcos regime fell it'd just be another Iran.

Steve Rubell was there and Ian came, and Ian is having an affair with Jane Holzer, which I didn't know about, but he thought I did so he was talking as if I knew, trying to pump me about Jane. But he was after Bianca, too, he wanted to drop her off. Calvin called an couple of times for Steve. Calvin's kind of great. He does anything he wants--he takes ads in Interview and I WWD, and he goes to 54 and to Xenon--he doesn't let anyone push him around. Bianca's going down to testify about Nicaragua in Washington, I just don't know what she's thinking she's doing.


Monday, June 27, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Friday, December 11, 1981

I went to my exercise class ($30) at Lady Sharon's apartment. And Lidija said that she heard from Sharon's maid who wasn't supposed to say anything that Sharon might be about to evict us. So we're just hoping that she doesn't decide to really tell us. Sharon's in England now, but when I rode down in the elevator with her the other day she didn't seem happy. Or maybe she wanted me to go out with her more. I don't know. She's putting on weight.

Fred was invited to Mrs. Marcos's house on 66th between Madison and Fifth, the one she bought five years ago. She's in town now giving lots of parties in it. It's on my street and we got there and it's a house twice the size of mine, and she had a Christmas tree on every floor and a disco on the top floor, but there was no central heat so they had to put heaters in every socket. And that's when I remembered that I'd actually been getting the Marcoses's Con Ed bills at my house, with a notice saying they were going to turn off the electricity if they didn't pay the bill. It's something about the way the address was written, it would always come to me at 57 East 66th and I opened them. The maid gave me a tour and it was funny, security people and peole in furs huddling around the heaters. Such rich people. Such grand people. All in New York. What does it mean? It's scary. maybe they're here because it's Christmas, but oh it's scary.

The Cristina Ford lady was there, so grand, and Imelda was dancing with Van Cliburn. They were serving champagne like water. I heard that Imee Marcos is seeing Lupo Rattazzi again. Said goodnight to Mrs. Marcos. Then I walked home.


Sunday, June 26, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, November 30, 1981

Earl McGrath was having a fiftieth birthday party at Trax and he was nervous. John Belushi gave a speech, he said that Earl had given him a helping hand--"not like the fucking Laurence Olivier who never did a thing for me." He was funny. I talked to Isabel Eberstadt who's just finished her novel, and it's going to be hot hot hot, it really will be, I just know it.


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