Saturday, July 23, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Sunday, September 19, 1982

I'd seen Robert Hayes's boyfriend Cisco going down the street with someone else the other day, and I saw Robert crying, and so I thought they'd broken up, and I asked Barc Balet and he told me that Cisco had just found out he had gay cancer but that it was a secret. But then later that day Robert told me anyway. They told him he got it three years ago and it takes three years for it to show up, but I don't know how they would know that, since they don't know anything about it or even what it is. Robert says he's been checked out and he doesn't have it. but he'd been going to Jane Sartin and he was there at the same time I was, and I just know she used the same needle on me, and I don't know if she sterilizes it. I only like it when you use the needle once and throw it away. And I'm not going to go to her anymore, anyway, because I'm just covered with pimples, I don't know what good it's done.


Friday, July 22, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Saturday, September 11, 1982

Went around with Jon who's looking for a co-op to buy. Because I've decided to do a real photo book of real apartments. Real Apartments. Not photograph houses the way Architectural Digest does, but do just what people really live like. Isn't that a good idea? Bianca just got a ten-room apartment at the El Dorado, it just went co-op so they're all up for sale and people are trying to make a killing. So cabbed to the El Dorado ($5). The lady showed us three apartments, and the first was two faggots who'd just bought a loft so they were selling, and then one that belonged to a lady I guess in her eighties, and she had doilies and things on the sofas. It looked like a Barbra Streisand kind of place.

Oh, and on Page Six in the Post a few days ago there was a headline: "Warhol Man Does Mick Jagger's Appartment," and then the item said that Jed was the director of Bad and now he decorates apartments, and they said they asked him about it and he said, "No comment." And there was an article on survivors in the Daily News last Sunday--they asked Lester Persky about me and he put me down, he said I was a has-been, it was funny.

And I don't think I told the Diary this, but Tom Baker, our star of I, a Man, died. He O.D.'d Mickey Ruskin had a wake for him.


Thursday, July 21, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY Friday, August 6, 1982

It was a depressing day, my birthday. Wandered around the neighborhood. Called John Reinhold for coffee but he had a lot to do because he was getting ready to go on a trip to Japan. Jon was going to New Hampshire.

Ran into Robert Hayes and he said that Greg Gorman the Interview photographer had called and they wanted me over on 18th Street near Fifth to be in a publicity photo with Dustin Hoffman who was in drag filming Tootsie, and i thought that sounded like fun.

But when I got there, they said, "All right, we'll be shooting our scene soon." They actually were putting me in the movie. So Greg Gorman was really devious, he must have known that for that I'd want to get paid. They thought they could just get me in one second, which they did. Dustin looked great. When I think of all the lady teachers I had that must have been really drag queens! but then they thought that Dustin should be in a sexier dress to be photographed with me, so they wanted to change him and asked me to come back at 3:15.

And Ruth Morley was the costume lady. I know her because I worked on a Thurber play that Kay Ballard was in, and I really did the costumes but Ruth got credit because of the union. In 1954 or 55. I was exploited. And it was a rich-bitch producer, and you really do see people carry on and cry because the show isn't going right.

So went back to the office and there were little packages around, adn they kept calling me from the Tootsie set. Took Susan Pile over there with me, she was in town from L.A. It was my birthday and I was trying to be in a good mood but I was a grouch. when we got back to the set, Dustin was wearing something more gay. and it was going to be Dustin's birthday on the eighth and I told him that was mine, too. (laughs) Met Dustin's new wife, very pretty, who looks like Debra Winger. So many of these girls now do. But the baby looks like one of those babies Barbra Streisand would have with Elliott Gould.

Walked on Columbus and Central Park West and saw Ron Galella shooting on Central Park West and it turned out to be in front of Linda Stein's where she was having a party for Elton John after his Madison Square Garden first-night concert. Called her up ($20) and she wasn't back yet, so went over to Jon's and called again and she said to come, just not to bring too many people.

It turned out to be 100 Zoli models. That's what Elton had asked Linda to get and she did. Timothy Hutton was there with Jennifer Grey.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Thursday, August 5, 1982

I watched Tarzan on cable and Bo Derek is the worst actress in the world. She was eating a banana, and she couldn't even eat a banana. It was like she had no teeth.

And Susan Pile told Jon that my birthday was actually August sixth and I'd told him it was on the Fifteenth because I thought I could get by it, but now they're having a party, I think. And I had big fights at the office. Somebody left food around and I was screaming and I told Paige Powel, our Interview ad-seller, to go and scream at whoever it was, and it turned out to be this new kid at Interview who's just so cute and he's always nice and smiling to me and walked me to the corner to get my cab and stuff, and so then I was embarrassed and I denied that I'd told Paige to do it--I said oh, she must have just been on cocaine or something--and Robyn repeated the word "cocaine" to her and she went crazy, and then I got mad at Robyn for telling her, and he blamed it all on Jay and Jay said he didn't do it and I was handing out pink slips like crazy and I screamed at Jennifer, the new receptionist girl, because I told her not to give me coffee in a coffee cup and she did, she said there was nothing else there and I screamed that there were plenty of champagne glasses and why didn't she bring it to me in one of those instead of a crummy old cup that everybody uses and God, it was one of those days.

And I introduced Robyn to Iolas, I thought that might do the trick for Robyn's art career. Robyn's such a nice kid but he has no ambition and he does want to be an artist, and so I thought that since Ronnie left and things worked out so well for him--his art career is doing really well--that maybe it could happen for Robyn, too. So seventy-four-year-old Iolas grabbed Robyn's hand and was holding his palm. They say that you get energy from that and you do, I think. So Iolas thought he'd get Robyn's energy. But I was hoping Robyn would get his.

Paul Mossissey is going off to Germany, he's getting offers to do all the movies Fassbinder was supposed to do. They should ask me!


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Saturday, July 31, 1982--New York--Fire Island, New York

Got to the Pines and called Calvin's from the Boardwalk to tell him that Chris was with me just for the day. They said it was okay. Went over there and only Chester Weinberg and David Geffen were up. It was a grey day, had some breakfast. Then Calvin and Steve Rubell woke up and they talked about the fun time the night before.

Went ot a Hawaiian party at Gil de la Cruz's down the street. In the sunlihgt you can really see what these people look like, you really see. Egon Von Furstenberg was the only one I knew. Although I thought I recognized the dog from the Breakstone TV ad, the one with the black spot over his eye that Sam Breakstone chases away. then we went for pizza, and you could really see in the light who the dogs were (pizza $20). Then we went back to Calvin's but we walked in on Calvin and Steve who were with those two porno stars Knoll and Ford and so we were embarrassed and left and went back to the party down the street.

Then went home again and by this time, Chester Weinberg had come back from the party, too, and he had walked in on two guys who told Chester to go away so Chester was hiding out in his room. Then we had barbecued steak and all the talking was gay gay gay. If I'd had a tape recorder you wouldn't believe it. Then what happens is everybody goes to bed about 12:00 and sets their alarms for 2:00 because "things don't get really hot until 4:00." I heard everyone getting up at 2:00 but I stayed in bed, and after I heard tem all coming back from their 4 A.M. cruise.


Monday, July 18, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Thursday, July 29, 1982

Called John Reinhold and invited him to come to Suzie Frankfurt's with me but he said he wanted to spend time with Berkeley, his twelve-year-old daughter who just got back from camp. So I invited them to Serendipity and we went there (cab $8) and ordered big things just to look at. And it was fun talking to Berkeley, she's given up being an actress and now she may be a cartoonist. She left camp ten days early. It was one of those ones where you milk cows and feed chickens.

Dropped them off ($6) and then went with Curley to 33rd and First Avenue to pick up this friend of his and it was a little brownstone and he's 6'6" and sleeping on the floor and the place is a mess and it's fun to see how kids really live who go out looking so chic in Brooks Brothers clothes and velvet slippers and here they are living in a hot box. Went to Xenon (cab $6).

Howard Stein was there. And a Cornelia Guest had called and invited me to a party at his place on Sunday in East Hampton. He's using Cornelia to get into East Hampton society and (laughs) she's using him to get into Xenon.

Oh, and Bob is being so grand, he won't tell me any inside gossip about the Bloomingdale thing. It was in the papers yesterday that now Alfred Bloomingdale's mistress Vicki Morgan is suing his wife Betsy because she said it was Betsy who made Alfred stop sending her money. Vicki Morgan said, "And after all those Marquis de Sade things he made me do." So this is the president's best friend.


Sunday, July 17, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Wednesday, July 28, 1982

Went out with Jay to a teeth store he found, it's on 21st on the Ninth floor and it's so great, all these teeth. I wanted a giant-size aluminum set, they said it was antique. They recognized me because Jay had an Andy Warhol's TV T-shirt on (teeth $484). Carried the big teeth in the rain. That was fun.

Calvin Klein invited me out to Fire Island for the weekend and I talked to Steve Rubell and he said that Bianca had called and asked if I was going to be there, because she was invited, too.


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