Saturday, September 03, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Saturday, January 27, 1984

We cabbed down to the Castelli Gallery to see the Jasper Johns show. When we got there Jasper was at the door letting some people out and I told him we were crashing and he let us in. I wasn't invited, I don't think--I never saw an invitation. Or to the lunch they had either. The paintings were wonderful, and every one was like $600,000. I think Jasper owns most of them, just sells one when he has to. Then we left there and went to the South Street Seaport to take pictures there, and that was strange, because right where Jasper and Bob Rauschenberg and Bob Indiana used to live, now there's this whole fake town with 100 million stores. Stopped at a Greek Coffee shop ($24).


Friday, September 02, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Wednesday, January 11, 1984

Jerry hall called and said, "Is this the day I'm supposed to come down?" and I just said yes.

Jean Michel called from Hawaii. he said it wasn't so primitive outthere, that the first guy he saw said, "Aren't you Jean Michel Basquiat, the New York city graffiti artist?" And he said he met these hippies out there and mentioned my name and they said, "Oh, you mean that death-warmed-over person on drugs?" And I mean, it's him they should be talking about.

Jerry came and she had Mick's daughter by Marsha Hunt with her, but the girl didn't talk, she just read a newspaper while Jerry and I worked.

Jean Michel called again from Hawaii. I told him to cut off his ear. He probably will. Went home and met the shiatsu guy from my weekly massage.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, January 2, 1984--Aspen, Colorado--New York

Got back to New York and got a Scull limo ($20 to the driver). The driver said he'd picked up Jean Michel and drove him to the airport to go to Hawaii for two months. And I hope he paid his rent in advance. Got home and was really tired. Watched TV, took a Valium.

Never took a bath the whole time in Aspen, never changed clothes. Just lived like a pig. That's a good story, isn't it? But my perfume worked and my breathing was good but I was depressed because Jon is so aloof. He says he needs to be his own person, and I always feel like he's just about to leave, so I never can feel relaxed.


Wednesday, August 31, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Sunday, December 25, 1983

Got up and it was Sunday. Tried to dye my eyebrows and my hair. I wasn't in the mood. Went to church. Got not too many phone calls. Actualy none, I guess. Tried to wrap presents. I was going to have Peter and Chris over to plan our trip to Aspen the next day. I guess I took all day wrapping presents and I think by the time they came I'd watched a lot of terrible TV. Went through a lot of fuzzy paper.

Got a picture of Georgia O'Keefe from Chris and a little painting from Peter and time really flew by. Nobody ate anything.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Saturday, December 24, 1983

Halston's place was really Christmasy. Victor was behaving himself. Bianca was there with Jade, and Peter Beard and Cheryl Tiegs, and Jennifer and Jay from the office, and Halston's niece. No Steve Rubell. Dinner was delicious, cranberries and turkey, and I porked. Halston gave me an old dress, it weighed like 4,000 pounds. And the presents weren't really that great--it wasn't like the other Christmas Eves there. Bianca made a faux pas, she asked me if I was going to Diane Von Furstenberg's and I hadn't been invited. So I guess I'm off her list. She must have chosen Bob over me. Well, then she missed a Christmas present. I don't know, it was never that much fun there anyway. Benjamin was trying to get to leave so he could go off and have fun, so he got me out of there by 12:00, and walked me home. I just lallied around feeling blue. Took a Valium and forgot about the world.


Monday, August 29, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Wednesday, December 14, 1983

Bruno came and drove us crazy. He didn't bring Jean Michel's rent payment, so later I called Jean Michel about his rent being due and then I had a fight with Jay because he gave Jean Michel my home phone number. He said, "Oh, I didn't know you didn't want..." I yelled at him, "Are your brains still with you?" I mean, he knew I wouldn't have Jean Michel coming up to my house--I mean he's a drug addict so he's not dependable. You can't have--I mean, so then why would I want him to have my home phone? Jay should have known better.

And Richard Weisman sent us tickets to the hockey game because Wayne Gretzky invited us.

And since I'd called Jean Michel about the rent I felt bad so I invited him to the hockey game and I sent Jay home early so he could drop off the ticket to him.

And Robyn Geddes came by about getting his old job back, but Fred had to tell him he couldn't have it. And Fred called to remind me not to wear bluejueans to the hockey game because we were going to "21" afterwards.

So then I met the shiatsu guy who Richard Weisman recommended and he worked on me for an hour and a half and he was really good, a thorough professional. He told me that when I cross my legs I should cross them left to right or right to left--I forget which--because one side is weaker than the other, but I told him I never cross my legs (laughs). But I'm looking now and here I sit talking with them crossed... anyway, so I made a standing appointment for every Wednesday at 7:30. His name is Eizo, and his philosophy is: "You are young you are young you are young, therefore you are young."

I lied about my age, I told him I was forty-four. And he said, "Oh that' my age, too!" I guess he knew I was lying. But I felt wonderful afterwards.


Sunday, August 28, 2005

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Wednesday, November 29, 1983

The New York Times had a big story on AIDS. The tourist business in Haiti is down to nothing. Probably the tourists were only there secretly for the big cocks. Because Jean Michel is half Haitian and he really does have the biggest one.

Went to the Trump Tower and laid out a stack of Interviews and watched people take them for free. A lady was shaking when she asked me for an autograph, and she said, "God bless you" and I hope she's right.

I heard that Peter Brant just bought Antiques magazine, I guess for Sandy to run. It's a good idea, it's a good magazine.


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