Saturday, September 02, 2006

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Tuesday, January 22, 1985

Talked to Jean Michel and he was in a funny mood. He thinks his "girlfriend" doesn't love him and so he's taking heroin again. The black girl. Charlotte. I told him I would come and visit him. Cabbed to pick him up ($8).

We went to Odeon and had two tables and there were twelve of us. Boy George had that boy Marilyn with him. Jean Michel was nodding out. There was a little kid with Keith who didn't say anything, and Keith didn't say much, and I didn't say anything, so Boy George had to do all the talking and he's really intelligent, really a smart kid, and he does talk a lot.

He said he doesn't know who his friends really are. Like he doesn't know if Joan Rivers really is a fiend or not, so he thinks some day he'll call her up "just to talk" and then he'll find out. He didn't like the line about him and his boyfriend in her interview in Interview and I said that I hadn't wanted that to go in. He takes out a powder puff all the time and puffs his face. His eye make up was done beautifully.


Friday, September 01, 2006

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Wednesday, January 2, 1985--Aspen--Los Angeles

We're at the Mondrian Hotel. and it does look like a Mondrian. They've got valuable Miro paintings in the lobby and art all over. it's on sunset near La Cienega. it's not Beverly Hills.

You know what's fascinating is that Hollywood's still filled with all these delicate ladies who look like they were beauties, all glued up and in their cars, driving around. Not with drivers, just driving themselves. And you wonder what they used to do, what star they were, what roles they had. Everybody reminds me of Jane Wyatt out there. Those skinny, petite beauties who wear turbans and they're at premieres and things. And they're like eighty years old. How do these ladies must have been rich. But wasn't that before community settlements? But I guess you don't need much to live. Like you don't pay rent if you have your own house. And food, well, you can eat at McDonald's or there's always some fairy fan who'll take you around.

We went out driving, took a lot of pictures on Melrose. Went to the Inteview office out there, talked to Gael and I was really upset when she told me that Peter Lester had died in Los Angeles. That's two Interview editors dead of AIDS.


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