Saturday, September 16, 2006

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Thursday, July 4, 1985

Stayed home during the day, the dog was sick. Watched the soaps and they're all great, handsome guys and good-looking girls, and they really know how to kiss.

The Forbes boat was parked at 30th Street and the East River, not the Hudson River like I thought. And when Stephen Sprouse and Cornelia and I got there there were all people on the highway screaming my name as I went in so that distracted me and I didn't take pictures.

Peter Brant was on the boat, he told me that he'd tried to buy the Voice, that he'd really wanted it, but that he lost out when Leonard Stern paid $55 million because he'd only offered $51 million.

Anne Bass was there with her husband Sid and kids, and I didn't make a fuss over them which I should have. I sat with Mick and Jerry while I ate. Watched the fireworks and it was like they were floating by the boat. "Suzy" was there with her son, and I didn't know she had one. Then the boat left and sailed around the tip of Manhattan up to where it usually docks on 23rd Street in the Hudson. Going fourteen miles an hour.

And Cornelia's still with Philippe Junot and Mrs. Vreeland is mad at her for wasting her life, which she is, but she says she doesn't want to get married, she just wants to have fun.

After I got home Stephen called and said, "Thank you for a really good time," and for a few seconds I (laughs) couldn't think who it was.


Friday, September 15, 2006

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Sunday, June 30, 1985

It was Gay Day parade day. Got in a cab and the driver was a happy faggot, he said, "Hi, did you go to the parade?" and I just said, "What parade?" and he dropped the subject, talked about the weather (cab $5). And on the news the hostages from TWA 847 were free, and then they weren't freee and then they were free.

Stephen Sprouse called and we made plans to meet. I said I'd pick him up at 9:00 and we'd go down to Odeon for dinner (cab $7). It wa sort of empty (dinner $70). Then we walked over to Area. Then I remembered there was a Gay Day party at the Palladium. We started to walk up. Saw some cops by the stable where they keep their horses on Varick Street. They were just back from the parade, laughing. One of them had his nightstick pointing out from his basket and they were laughing about their experiences of the day. A cute one said hi to me (cab $7).


Thursday, September 14, 2006

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Friday, June 21, 1985

I yelled at Brigid a lot yesterday. She threw out an important piece of artwork. It was a doodle that Michael Viner wanted made into a painting for his wife Deborah Raffin.

Lunch was for the Krizia people. And Paige by then was a new person, completely recovered from the night before when she had to stand in front of the building for four hours telling people as they arrived that the art show was cancelled, and somebody who was there said that each time Paige would have to say it, she'd burst out crying all over again. I asked her how she was able to recover so quickly and she said it was part of her job. So that was good. I told her she should put her advertising commission money into a loft and have four or five art shows a year there.

I decided to go to the Whitney Tower wedding which was t 5:00 at St. Bart's. Fred was an usher (cab $3.50).

The bride looked beautiful. I was sitting next to Charles Evans. Nick Love from L.A. read a good paragraph from the Bible. He's got the style of the thirties which I think will comeback sometime for actors. I wasn't invited to the reception. Had tennis shoes on and walked uptown with Joan Quinn.

Called Jean Michel but he hasn't called me back, I guess he's slowly breaking away. He used to call me all the time from wherever he was.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Thursday, June 6, 1985

Went over to Macy's to judge the Madonna look-alike contest. They expected 200 girls but there were only 100. They'd spent a fortune, these girls, on the clothes and jewelry. It was over pretty fast, by 5:10, and it'd started at 4:30.

Went to Radio City Music Hall for Madonna's concert (cab $6). And the show was so great. Just so simple and sexy and Madonna is so pretty. Now she's thinner and just so great. And afterwards we went downstairs where there was a private party, the level with the ladies' rooms. And Madonna came down with Jean Michel--I guess he'd gone backstage. And she was fun. She said she was going to the Palladium and might go to Keith's dinner, and she was so sweet and nice. So we went and drove to Iso on 11th Street and Second and then Madonna did arrive, she came in a truck. And they sat her next to me, and she was just great. They were teasing her about her false eyelashes, saying they were bigger than Louise Nevelson's. And everyone was so thrilled, the waiters were on the floor. She was drawing cocks on Futura's pants.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Wednesday, May 29, 1985

Was picked up by Benjamin and there was a note from Crazy Matty at the door. He's been leaving notes for Brigid at the office.

Then cab ($4) to meet Paige for the lunch at the office with some advertisers. And the reason Paige sells so many ads is she actually enjoys the people she meets from selling ads, she likes entertaining them for business, which not many people can do.

Then Jean Michel came over to paint and he was laughing and kidding around and Paige called up to me on the phone and screamed, "Get him out of here!" And I just didn't know what to say, she hung up before I could even think, and then she just left the office. She was calling Jean Michel a creep and everything.

Cabbed to Canastel's ($5) to Katie Ford's dinner where she said she'd have male models. And this is the place where the guy wanted me to do a mural for the wall but wasn't going to give us enough credit--I was going to do it with Jean Michel, but eventually the wall would've been worth more than the whole restaurant. But this place was great, just jammed, and pink lights and just really good food and steamed vegetables for appetizers that were as big as serving as the main course at the Odeon. Like California food.

So I was with this model with blond hair and piercing black eyes, and he knew all about "walkins." They're when somebody else walks into your body. It makes sense. It happens if you're having this trauma or if you're sick or something. And you know, when I was little I remember I was really sick and didn't like school and had to be dragged there and then one day I changed--after that I loved school and everything, so I think somebody may have walked into me then... I'm not clear on who the walk-ins are. Souls. And I'm not clear on where they come from.


Monday, September 11, 2006

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Friday, May 3, 1985

It was raining out in the morning. Ran around with Benjamin. Had a 1:15 appointment with Stephen Sprouse to see a fashion show that he was putting on for Vogue and me (cab $6). Went to 860 Broadway, our old loft space, and it was great to give a cabdriver taht address again: "17th and Broadway."

They divided it into some rooms, and then the front was all painted gold and there were beautiful models to show the stuff to us and it was fun and really exciting, and I just want to buy all his clothes.

The, I'd promised Jean Michel this dinner at Le Cirque. So Benjamin dropped me and I glued and went over there. He'd invited Eric Goode and his Girlfriend and Clemente and his wife Alba and then when he ordered the most expensive wine they said they were out of it, and then when he ordered the next most expensive, they were out of it, too. I don't think they wanted to give it to us, see because it was free dinner. Sirio's been telling me for years he wanted to give me the cheapest wine, and that they had. And it was actually good. And the next day when Paige and I went there with Interviews, Sirio was still apologizing. But anyway, it cost me in tips ($200). Cashin's and seeing him there with this slightly older man, at Le Cirque, I mean, it really made me decide that you can't go to straight restaurants with just boys, it looks too funny. You wonder what they're doing there, they're a sore thumb.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Wednesday, April 24, 1985

The big news on TV is that Coke is changing their formula. Why would they do that? It doesn't make sense. They could've just come out with a new product and left Coke alone. It seems crazy. And all the TV news shows love it, they're doing all these stories of people sitting around taste-testing.

In the morning went to Dr. Bernsohn's and Bernsohn said that Reese felt I was a "Janooky," that he felt I could be the really big one. "Janookys" are the head crystal people.

Left there and ran into David Whitney and invited him to lunch to find out about the art business. He said that Peter Brant paid $40,000 for a Jasper Johns print. For a print!

Vincent was upset because Polygram called and said that Lou Reed doesn't want to get back with the Velvets. And Polygram wants to buy our tapes for $15,000 which isn't enough. And I mean, I just don't understnad why I have never gotten a penny from that first Velvet Underground record. That record really sells and I was the producer! Shouldn't I get something? I mean, should I? Adn what I can't figure out is when Lou stopped liking me. I mean, he even went out and got himself two dachshunds like I had and then after that he started not liking me, but I don't know exactly why or when. Maybe it was when he married this last wife, maybe he decided that he didn't want to see peculiar people. I'm surprised he hasn't had kids, you know?

I worked on the Lana Turner portraits, turning this sixty-year-old into a twenty-five-yearold girl. I took a long time. I wish I had been able to just work from an old picture and it would've been this beautiful painting. But this way it's not really a good time.


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