Saturday, January 06, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Sunday, March 9, 1986

In the Times it said that Imelda Marcos left 3,000 pairs of shoes in the Philippines. Maybe she was trash, I mean when I think about the type of people they were wining and dining. And they found porn in Marco's room. It's like if somebody went through your apartment and wrote about it (laughs) in The New York Times. "This is your apartment." That's a good TV show. "Here are two cups that were apparently taken from the Plaza Hotel. Tell us about them." They could do it in Russia. In Russia they could really do it. "so, you like wearing ladies' perfume, Mr. Warhol?"

Ran into Billy Boy at the flea market buying old bottles of Schiaparelli and Chanel perfume in his powder-green coat. He really puts out the money and just pays whatever they say, he spent about $1,000 I think. He has a good eye, he can really pick out the good stuff.


Friday, January 05, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Friday, February 28, 1986

Sam and I went to the Eastside Cinema to see Hollywood Vice ($12, popcorn $5). The people behind us complained that they couldn't see over my hair, so that threw me and we moved over two seats. I didn't move my backpack with me, though. During the movie the Exit door opened a few times. After it was over, we left, and when we got outside I realized that I hadn't taken my bag, so Sam went back in to get it and it was gone. So then we looked everywhere, in all the bathrooms and things, and in all the trash baskets, and we told the people at the theater, but it wasn't anywhere and they don't care. It had bank statements and makeup and an ashtray from a restaurant and receipts. No keys. Three oranges, telephone bills, my Prudential health insurance cards, some money. So we ran around the block checking every trash basket, Sam felt terrible, I felt violated. They stole the monkey off my back. But it's actually a relief. I've decided I won't replace it.

And my brother told me that Victor Bockris has taken out an ad in the Pittsburgh paper about getting people who knew me to talk to him for the book he's writing about me.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Tuesday, February 25, 1986

Jean Michel called and said he found a dead person in his backyard yesterday. He called the police and they were in the backyard all day, and by 6:00 they still hadn't taken the body away. he was from the floghouse next door. And Jean Michel sent the cat that didn't catch rats down to Atlanta, he sent it on a plane for $100 down to some gallery there. The poor cat probably never got taken care of--I mean, can you imagine being a cat in the hands of Jean Michel?

Tried to work with Fred and with Vincent, but my room is so filled with junk, I can't pull out of it. I tried on wigs from Forucci but it looked like too much of a big-hat wig, too outrageous. This is for the Self-Portraits. Paige called a couple of times from the fat farm she went to and it was fun talking to her. The Music issue is going to cost us a lot. Cyndi Lauper is the cover.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Saturday, January 25, 1986

Went down to Julian Schnabel's. The food was already gone and back in the kitchen when we got there. I guess when they said 7:30 they meant it. So Julian took us into the kitchen and we sat around there eating couscous. it was so good. He gave me a copy of his book to read to see what I thought. And what I thought was that he was really influenced by Popism. It starts off with how he arrived from Waco, Texas, and then being at Max's and who he met. Everybody but me. It was sort of interesting because he'd go back and forth from then to later, like he'd say, "August, 1983" and put something in. I don't know if it's a prologue to a book or if it's a catalogue or what. It'll sell a lot.

Then they brought out the birthday cake. And I was shooting with my camera and this person pulls down her hat and walks away and I didn't even know who it was and I went into the kitchen and then Diane Keaton comes in and said, "Hi kids, how are you?" And I mean, who does she think she is? I was taking pictures of the cake. And I mean, she goes around the city doing her photographs of anybody she wants, so where does she have the nerve to act like that? And then she went downstairs and I was talking in a loud voice about how I thought she was a phony and maybe she heard, but I don't care. If I see her again I'm going to tell her off once and for all, what a big phony-baloney she is. Julian had a lot of new work around. He's buying back his early work that he sold for $600 or something, for about $40,000, because he knows he should. He doesn't know how to deal with me and Jean Michel. He owes us some pictures (supplies $10).

He had a lot of Joseph Beuys stuff around. Joseph Beuys just died on Friday. And tinkerbelle died. It was in the Friday papers. It said she died on Tuesday when she jumped out of a window.

Edit Deak was wearing one of these Afgahan hats and she said that she told Diane Keaton once to "stop wearing those stupid hats," and then she comes in wearing a stupid hat herself and runs into Dian Keaton, so she was really embarrassed.

And the Music issue is coming up and I really have to call Eric Andersen back, he's been calling me, and get him into the issue. Interview doesn't ask me to do interviews myself anymore or anything. They used to ask me to do a person now and then. Were my interviews bad, or...


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Tuesday, January 21, 1986

I think I forgot to tell about the girl on 57th at Park who took off all her clothes and peed in the middle of the street and then walked over and put her clothes on again. In front of that luggage store that I never see anybody in. The southwest corner, you know? Everybody pretended like nothing was happening. She had high heels on.

Benjamin picked me up and on the way downtown we ran into Jimmy Breslin who was just in a seater, he said he'd just walked through the park, that he walked to the Daily News every day from the West Side and he said he'd walk with us, but we were panicked because we were on our way to Bulgari, and can you imagine the column he would write about that? And so we told him we had to go and work on some advertisers, and it was hard to shake him. But gee, that's a long walk he does every day, isn't it?

Grace Jones arrived at the office to pick up her portrait and she was wearing Issey Miyake and she had a hat on that was like Rasta hair and she has big kisses on the mouth for everybody, like even Sam. And she's so excited that she's going to Hollywood to play a woman Dracula. I mean how many more women Draculas can they have? She's so excited. She said they gave her "artistic control." She was saying that she was going to turn yellow and then white and then green, and so then I thought that maybe they just gave her artistic control of her face.


Monday, January 01, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Tuesday, January 7, 1986

I was going to Earl McGrath's party for Jann Wenner's fortieth birthday, but first went with Benjamin to this new building in the Jewelry district that's marble but one cheap. it was a fashion show at a place called Bill Robinson's Men's Clothes. And the male models were all on pedestals! It looked so great, really wonderful, and the girls were trying to pick them up and the guys were just on their pedestals staring and underneath them everybody else--wasn't perfect. And you'd go to feel the clothes and your face (laughs) would be right in their crotch. The party was over at 7:30 and the models came down off their pedestals.

Met Wilfredo there and we walked up to 61st and Fifth to Fereydoun Hoveyda's art opening at the David Mann Gallery. The wind was so bad, really strong and cold. I hope I didn't get a cold. Fereydoun was thrilled to see us. His drawings which used to be abstract now look like illustrations for the Arabian Nights. They're representational now.

Then cabbed to 57th and Seventh to Earl's ($6). Ahmet was so cool to me. He used to kiss me and tell me stories but the last couple fo times he's been really cool, like I raved to him about his seven-record-set album and he just listened and then got bored and left. I'll have to send him a painting or something. Try to find out what I did wrong. Half the people had just come back from a cruise with Jann Wenner. Talked to Jane, his wife, who said they'd been married nineteen years. And they did just adopt a baby. And Jann is so so so so fat, incredible.

Fred gave me a ride and I got home at 12:00. And Jean Michel had his opening in L.A. and I feel just terrible, I forgot to call him.


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