Saturday, January 13, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Thursday, May 22, 1986

I just read the interview the guy from Splash did with me and I don't know how he made it so good because I wasn't good when he was doing it.

There was a camera crew waiting at the office, some English thing that d'Ofray set up, I don't know what it was. I mumbled.

Left early. Was picked up at 8:00 by Sam (cab $8). Got to the Beacon for the stage show Yoko was doing and she was on already. Met Stephen Sprouse there. She was doing the happy years from 1980-81 in men's clothes and Reeboks, and I don't know why she's doing this. She looks great but this is so stupid, she should be up there in furs and Armanis and looking really rich. And she should let John rest in peace. All I can think of is that Sean must really want his mother to stop this. He must be embarrassed.

Then went down to Grace Jones's birthday party at Stringfellow's, it was like a trip back into the seventies, neon dance floor and Bunnies with asses. And there was no dinner, so we left there, we just wanted something to eat, we were all hungry, so we went over to the Caffe Roma for just something quick and quiet and we walked into this big scene, it was a dinner for Prince Albert and Bob Colacello was there and Cecilia Peck and Cornelia Guest. A hundred people to say hello to. Took the cheese off and ate the pizza.


Friday, January 12, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Tuesday, May 6, 1986

Wilfredo picked me up and we went over to Calvin Klein's on 38th and Broadway which seemed like a firetrap, you wait for the elevator for hours. John Fairchild was twenty minutes late and they held the show for him. It was great to read in Page Six that Jerry Della Femina's ad agency did a Perry Ellis ad and the boy model was reading a book and there was the word "fuck" and Fairchild wouldn't run it in WWD and Della Femina said something like, " Who does John Fairchild think he is? He may be able to push Jerry Zipkin and all the other walkers around, but not the ad agencies." So that was kind of great, hearing Fairchild get told off.

I thought the show was like mild Halston, with the sweaters tied around the shoulders and things like that, coats and hats and pants and all lengths, but Fred said it was "Rich Wasp".

Tried to get work done (cab $4). Bruno had left candy for me and it was all I could think about, sittting there, so I ate it and it gave me energy.

Rupert came up and he still has the same cough, but he said his psychiatrist says it's just a way of hanging on to the boyfriend who died.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, April 21, 1986--New York

Sam didn't call. Paige didn't call.

Cabbed to 33rd and Fifth ($6) and then the party problems started. I was planning to have a surprise birthday party for Sam, but then Paige had already organized one, but Paige wasn't talking to me. I called her at Interview and she said, "I'm working, I cant' talk." I said, "Paige, it's me." And she said, "Yes, well, I'm very busy." And so she was mad at me, but I knew she was mad at me before we went to Europe because she gave me the camera, and now Paige without a camera just isn't herself, there's no more darting around and being hysterical. And this went on all afternoon, and then Jean Michel called and came over and Paige came in while we were sitting together,and that was tense, and then she said that she would set up the dinner for Sam's birthday at Odeon but that she wouldn't be going to it, and she left work early. And then somebody at the office talked to Paige and told me what was wrong and we straithtened everything out--she was mad that I didn't call all the time I was over in Europe, since she always calls me when she's on vacation, and also because she said I led her on right up until the last minute, letting her think I would make it okay with Fred that she could go on the Paris trip and then instead we took Chris. Fred just didn't want the extra work--it's so easy to dump Chris at a hotel and with Paige it would've meant finding her a nice hotel and then picking her up and having dinner and seeing advertisers, and all that. And Fred was so grouchy on this trip and I told him he was and he said, "I'm old enough to be rotten if I want."

And so at the office I talked to the girl from the Schwarzenegger wedding and they won't let me bring somebody so I told them I just couldn't go alone, and so she started giving me my choice of people to go with and she said, "You can go with Grace Jones." I said, "Grace is not reliable. And if she did go she'd bring her own people, anyway." And then they said, "Well Abe Schmuck is coming, you can go with him," and I said, "I don't know Abe Schmuck." And then they said, "Lady Schmuck is going, you can go with her," and I said, "I do not know Lady Schmuck." And I mean who are these nobodies? I said, "I guess I can't go." So I guess I'm not going. And Fred said not to try to get him invited, since he hadn't been invited on his own. And Maura Moynihan called and said she hand't been invited to the thing but that she was going up anyway, to Boston, because Kerry Kennedy and Mary Richardson were going to be there.

So anyway, Paige and I sort of made up and so it was over, it was interesting. It's weird that Paige would get so emotional about me. And then I had to be creative to think of birthday presents for Sam during the fight with Paige. I stuck money in that grandmother-type birthday card, and I did a canvas that had dollars pasted onto it and then I remembered they even make those sheets of money, but this you can just rip money off when you need it, like for tips. Went home and Geraldo Rivera was starting to open Al Capone's secret rooms on live TV in Chicago, but it was going to go on for two hours.

Sam picked me up (cab $10) and we went to the Odeon. And Paige had some advertisers there to do some business, and I told her to invite Keith and his new Juan, and then Billy Boy had just arrived in town from Dallas and Paige invited him, so it was actually fun and not restrained. And Keith gave Sam a radio from the Pop Shop which he just opened, and Paige gave him a book on the White House and Wilfredo gave him boxer shorts form Armani.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Tuesday, April 15, 1986--Paris

We were going to do live TV on this very famous Johnny Carson-type show. When we got there they were setting up. All of a sudden they heard about Libya being bombed, so the main guy had to leave and he left some lady there, so then they weren't interested in me any more but they had to pretend to still be, and I don't know if they were really doing it or just going through the motions. I think they just faked it. They didn't even ask me anything and it sounded like they just made it up. They said they put it on tape but I don't think they did (cab $10, $5).

Went to an Arab restaurant or Libyan, one of those kinds of restaurants in the rich area, near YSL. It was fun, started to rain more. Couscous (lunch $75)

We had dinner with Billy Boy and all the people from the gallery and it was like a twenty-course dinner and Billy Boy said he was a health-food person, that he didn't drink, but there he was drinking right in front of me while he was telling me. He ate meat while he told me he didn't, too. He was great company because all you had to do was say "Barbie," and he just talked away and that solved everything, nobody had to worry about conversation. We had a good time and then Chris went off with Billy Boy and did the nightclub scene.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Sunday, April 6, 1986

Jean Michel was picking me up to go see Miles Davis at the Beacon and it was rainy and cold, and I curled up an watched TV for a while, and ate some garlic and then he called and said to meet him over there (cab $4). His cab arrived after mine and he had Glenn O'Brien with him and some other people. He and Glenn are friends again. B.B. King played first and he's just great. And then Miles Davis came out, blond, in gold lame, and he plays really terrific music. High heels.

Then we went to Odeon for dinner.


Monday, January 08, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, March 31, 1986

It's funny but after seeeing Dr. Ruth in person at the Emmys she doesn't look like she seems on TV. The magic of TV is what makes her look crunchy. In person she's just a normal person you want to kick around.

Cabbed to the West Side ($3) and Dr. Linda Li. She was messing up my wig, my brain wasn't functioning. I don't know what she does, but you do feel better when you get out of there (phone $2).

The Folk Art Museum kicked me off the board of trustees! It was ridiculous anyway, but I mean, they never even bothered to send me a notification!


Sunday, January 07, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, March 24, 1986

On the news they busted a porno ring, and they were leading the Boy Scout master and the teacher out tied with rope. (laughs) It was odd-looking.

Went home after dinner with Jean Michel and caught the Academy Awards. Saw Geraldine Page saying she deserved it, and all of those old ladies coming out in eight yards of material--Debbie Reynolds and Cyd Charisse and June Allyson and Ann Miller and Kathryn Grayson.


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