Saturday, December 22, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Sunday, February 8, 1987

Stuart picked me up at church, and it was embarrassing to walk from the church steps into a big black limo. And we went to 76th Street to the flea market to get books. This one guy bought somebody's library so he's got forty boxes of books to sell and he brings one box in every week and people line up for it at 9:00. I got some books, even a Museum of Modern Art catalog from 1962 when the de Menils had a show, and I didn't even know them then.

Stuart always buys an old hat and always loses it. he loves old clothes, he loves to smell them.

We were going to see Johnny Mathis and we got Alba Clemente and John Reinhold tickets, too, so Stuart dropped me off and then Paige rang my bell and had pineapples for me and I had to just dump them in the hallway because I'd already locked up. she had high energy and it was, "Hi-i-i-i-i!" It's just too much. so we went to Radio City (cab $5). It turned out to be two hours of hits from Henry Mancini, he opened the show, so it was the Pink Panther and everything else and it was sooo boring, and Paige was going, "Isn't this Greeeaaat!" She's got to get cooler, I wanted to slap her out, my nerves were jumping. Then Johnny Mathis came out and he's still got his voice. I never noticed that so much depends on how you hold the microphone. And then finally it was over, but then he came back and did an encore. And then we left. Paige dropped me and I watched MTV.


Friday, December 21, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Friday, February 6, 1987

Ken picked me up and we walked up Madison with Interviews. It was a beautiful day. then went to lower Broadway with Stuart and looked for stuff, then he dropped us off at the office. Rupert was closing down his office so he didn't come in. He finally unloaded the Duane Street building he owns for $1.1 million. These kids who were living there were so horrible, they wouldn't move out. Rupert offered to pay them off but they wouldn't move. He sold it to Israelis, and you can bet they'll get them out.

Worked all afternoon and then decided to try again to see Outrageous Fortune. Wilfredo came and Len and Sam, and we went to Nippon first to discuss Interview articles that they're working on (dinner $175).

We couldn't get into Outrageous Fortune, the line was too long, and so we went and saw a movie about the KGB, an English movie, and we all fell asleep. It was absolutely boring (tickets $24, popcorn $5).

Wilfredo dropped everybody off ($10). And then watched MTV and waited for commercials for our show on Sunday, which I finally did see and the show looks like it might be interesting, it's on Romance.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Thursday, February 5, 1987

Went to E.A.T. and our favorite girl gave us extra food ($15). I ate all, which was a mistake (phone $.50, newspaper $1, cab $5).

And then at the office, Sam had potato chips with vinegar and salt and I ate so many of those because they were so unusual. Vincent was doing the TV show and there were no celebrity hostesses available so we used a cute girl model. But when I did my scenes with her, I sat in a funny position and I got a pain and it didn't go away.

Paige was home sick so I had a free night, no advertising dinners, and Sam and I decided to go to a movie and then John Reinhold wanted to join us so we could talk about the jewelry business at dinner first. so went to Nippon (cab $6). And we did that stuff, and then we decided to see the Bette Middler Outrageous Fortune movie since it was the big money-maker of the week, but as we were leaving the restaurant I felt a sharp pain and I couldn't go on. I got scared and said I couldn't go and they dropped me off. I was trying to think positively and mind-over-matter and when I got to my front door it was like a miracle, it suddenly went away. it was completely gone. And then I wished I'd hung on for a few minutes because then I wouldn't have had to tell anybody something was wrong. But I went inside and locked the dogs out of the room because they were bothering me and they got mad, they didn't understand I was mentally unstable. and I fell asleep and woke up when Joan Rivers was on and she was doing something odd on her show, solving a mystery of somebody being killed, like a game.

So now I'm throwing out all the junk food. I guess it was a gallbladder attack. And then I remembered that when I got the first one was when Fred took me to the Waldorf to meet the old Mrs. Woodward who was about ninety then--it was '73 or '74 I think--and he had to take me to the hospital, and then this week is when that novel Nick Dunne wrote, The Two Mrs. Grenvilles, is on TV, which was really the Elsie Woodward story, so I felt like there was a connection.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ORIGNAL ENTRY: Wednesday, February 4, 1987

And the Post had a picture of Ingrid Superstar with a big story: "Warhol Star Vanishes." I thought she was going to be at the reunion Billy Name is setting up. I wonder if Gerard gave this to the papers just to get his name in. Brigid never even told me they called about her. I would've cared that Ingrid was missing. People magazine had been calling because they're doing a story on Ivy Nicholson and they wanted me to give a quote and her I did tell Brigid to tell People we'd "never heard of her," but that was only because it was Ivy--Ingrid I would've cared about. But I bet something did happen to her. It said she went out for a pack of cigarettes and never came back. This is upstate New York. And People said Ivy was doing a "comeback," but I mean, what would it be as? could she still model? I wonder how she looks these days.

Alba Clemente came to have her picture done for a portrait, and she's so beautiful. I photographed her nude.

Andre Balazs invited me to a Details Screening of Black Widow with Debra Winger and Teresa Russell. Cabbed ( $5) to 58th and Third. And the movie was nothing, a lesbian movie. The only thing I really wondered was whether that black-widow pin she got as a wedding present was real or costume, and I looked across the aisle to PH and she was wondering the same thing.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, February, 2, 1987

Was picked up by Ken. Stuart's friend Christopher O'Riley, the pianist, got great reviews in The New York Times in an article on virtuosos.

And Liberace's dying. He looked so healthy when he came to the office last year, didn't he?

I called Nell to ask her to be that week's emcee for out TV show but she said she was on the other line talking to Australia and she'd call me right back but she never did, which I thought was weird.

A couple of people have called and said they were doing biographies of me. Fred told them we didn't want them to, but they said they'll do them anyway.

Worked and then they picked me up for the black-tie dinner at the Saint that Rado Watches was giving and it was all built around the painting I did and Sarah Vaughn singing. And we were all afraid to eat anything because the Saint has the gay taint from when it used to be a gay disco. It was so dark there and they were serving the food on black plates.

But Sarah Vaughn sang and she was great--fat and sweating but she's still got a voice. And then they wanted us to go to her room and so they took us there and it was past all the bad rooms where all the sex things used to happen. We were holding our breath. And we told Sarah she was great, but she was just interested in her drink, she told somebody, "Cap my brandy," or something like that. She'll be at the Blue Note in April.

Then we were hungry so Paige and Wilfredo and I went next door to that place called "103" on Second Avenue and that's where we should take people to dinner because it came to $11 for three teas, a Coke, a bowl of Chili, and two sandwiches. Could that have been a mistake? Left a big tip ($20). And we picked up a couple of waiters for Wilfredo to use as models in the shoots he's setting up in Atlantic City for Interview.


Monday, December 17, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Saturday, January 29, 1987

At 9:30 PM A.M. I was already rushing out because I'd promised Phoebe Cates I'd go to the Hard Rock Cafe for a benefit for Covenant House which is for runaway kids. Went with Ken. He's nice but he's real slow. But he's a better walker than Tony because he picks out good-looking Interview type people and hands the magazine to them. Mathilda Cuomo was there.

After that I cabbed to Chris Makos's to photograph more nudes ($4, modeling fees $300). Did that from 1-3:00 and while I was there I heard Chris call Paige so I got on the phone to tell her that La Vie en Rose might want to advertise and while she started screaming at me that I hadn't shown up for an important advertising lunch, and it was like having a nagging wife. And then she accused me of just being down at Chris's to take male porno photographs, which I was, but I mean, it was for work! I mean, I'm just trying to work and make some money. I mean, there's a lot of hungry mouths to feed at the office! I have a business to keep going! I mean, the porno pictures are for a show. They're work.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

ORIGNAL ENTRY: Tuesday, January 27,1987

Manson was on the Today Show and he was saying why did he kill so few people--that he could've been really big and killed everybody. Here's all this money wasted on keeping him alive when he should just be killed.

Michelle Loud came to work, she's back from vacation and she's working on the sewing machine stitching together the porno photos I've been taking, but I have to call the office and say to hide them because those kids we've got around the office now--the ones from Interview who don't even know--they'd probably report me to the police. It'd be the sixties all over again. I bet they could still arrest you for taking porno pictures, if they wanted to.


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