Saturday, December 29, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Sunday, February 15, 1987

The house was freezing. Stayed upstairs in bed watching TV. Stuart kept calling, talked to him about ten times. Sam called and Wilfredo. And John Reinhold. It was a big day on the phone but nothing else. I didn't go out, didn't even go to church. It was just so cold. I watched Agnes of God three times and it was so boring. And I saw The Story of Will Rogers with Will Rogers, Jr. and Jane Wyman, and the son played his father. The son was on the Today Show at CBS when I did the weather drawings in the fifties.

Stayed up to watch Andy Warhol's Fifteen Minutes on MTV.


Friday, December 28, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Saturday, February 14, 1987

A really short day. Nothing much happened. I went shopping, did errands, came home, talked on the phone... Yeah, that's all. Really. It was a short day.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Friday, February 13, 2007

Ken picked me up. Went to Bloomingdale's (phone $.50, newspaper $.70). Lunch at the office was for Pat Patterson and the new president of Henry Bendel's and he brought me soap.

And Howard Read brought a lady by for a portrait, so that was fun, worked on that. Worked till 8:00. Then the birthday party at Taoul's for Barry Tubbs didn't start until 11:00 and what're you supposed to do until then. Called John Reinhold and Wilfredo. John picked me up and we went to Castellano's for dinner ($170). Then we went to Raoul's, and Barry had odd people there--like Larry "Bud" Melman and Judd Nelson and Lynn Redgrave and Tom Cruise's sister. She's sort of cute. She looks like (laughs) somebody's sister. We were there till 1:00.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Thursday, February 12, 1987

Paige was having an Interview dinner at Texarkana and I invited Victor Love from Native Son for her. Kenny and Teresa Scharf were coming to the dinner and Wilfredo. Keith is going to South America for the winter.

Ulrik came by to talk about the curtain I'm doing for the New York City Ballet. I've got to get working on that, it's due soon.

So went down to Texarkana ($5). Heather Watts was there, and Stephen Sprouse and T.T. Wachtmeister, and Richard Johnson from page Six and Freddie Sutherland. And Jeff Slonim from Interview, he's Tama's cousin, and he has perfect teeth, a beautiful toothpaste smile. Oh, and Howard Read from the Miller Gallery has been staying at the Gramercy Park Hotel because his apartment burned down and his cat was killed in the fire.

We were there till 1:00.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Wednesday, February 11, 1987

Fred called to tell me that he heard Bob Colacello was writing a book "on the seventies" so that was, uh, swell to hear.

Oh, and Nancy Reagan was on TV reading one of her six billion drug letters and crying--big tears just whaling down her cheeks, it was the best acting ever --she'd never do it over Ron Jr. or Doria. And Ron Jr. still hasn't made it, and it's because he just isn't good-looking. If he were, he'd have a big career by now. And Prince Andrew has gotten so ugly, he's looking like his mother. And let's see what else...

Okay, went to see Dr. Reese, he's in town. He looks a lot younger, like he's using Grecian Formula to get rid of his grey hair.

So I left there and Paige was having a lunch for condom advertisers, and she said that Sam had called her and said that she couldn't mix her (laughs) dirty condom people in with my Italian guy who was a shoe manufacturer from Italy who wants his portrait done. When I got to the office (cab $6) I told the condom people that I wanted a demonstration (laughs) and then they all took out their rubbers and they showed me how the rim of it has adhesive so it wouldn't slide off. So I said (laughs), "Oh great, so you can reuse it three or four times and not take it off!"

Then I made plans to go to dinner with Wilfredo and David LaChapelle, the Interview photographer, and Sophie Xuerbe's son who I think wants to talk because he read we're doing a movie of Tam's book and he wants to be in a movie. So we went to Provence, this is the restaurant that the guy who was at Le Cirque started. We talked about the magazine (cab $6, dinner $180).

Oh, and Dolly Fox called and she's at the Chateau Marmont because she and Charlie Sheen broke up.


Monday, December 24, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Tuesday, February 10, 1987

In the morning I bought so much big stuff--huge painted backgrounds that I'll have to find someplace to store at the office. Fred will scream when he sees them about the room they'll take up, they're huge.

I got to the office early. Vincent showed me the video for this week's MTV show, and it looks interesting, different, kind of odd.

Cabbed to Clemente's ($5). I thought they entertained all the time but they said the last dinner party they had was the one we were at. Robert Mapplethorpe was there. He looked more healthy than I've ever seen him, he had color in his face. I think they're trying out a new drug on him, I hope he makes it. And we talked about the people from the seventies. I asked him about his old girlfriend Patti Smith and he said he'd just shot her and I said why didn't he give the pictures to Interview, and he said Vogue already had them. And then that reminded that I'd bought People magazine and there was their article about Ivy Nicholson--she's now a bag lady in San Francisco and her twin sons are twenty-one years old. She looks like the most beautiful bag lady you'll ever see, though. It says she's fifty-three. She's up against the wall with her legs straight out and a form-fitting top. It's like with Nico--everything just looks right when she does it, so it's these raggy clothes, but they look great. And it's sort of the hippie look, really, with three crinolines and just the right (laughs) raggy bow. Left at 11:00, Paige dropped me.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, February 9, 1987

I went to the dentist really early in the morning. Dr. Lyons and his perfect American family are doing fine. Then Ken picked me up there. The temperature was dropping fast from the time I went out in the morrning. Cabbed to the West Side to Dr. Li ($4, newspaper $3).

Cabbed downtown ($6). Brigid had to go home to give her mother a morphine shot. She was back in a couple of hours, it didn't take long--she's really upset at the idea that her mother's going to go in the winter and it'll be another funeral in the cold ground, she would rather it would be in spring. And I don't know why they didn't cremate Liberace right away and not give him an autopsy--they should've just rushed him through.

I asked Paige to go to the Dionne Warwick perfume thing at Stringfellow's and we went down there. She brought the issue of Interview to show to Dionne that had the writeup we gave her perfume last year when it came out, but then Jacques Bellini took it from Paige before she had the chance to give it to her. And Dionne's distributing the perfume herself, it turns out. It smells like lemon chiffon pie. Very strong. and Stringfellow and his daughter were there and it was just so easy--got photographed and got out of there. Tipped the doorman ($5) because I thought it was the guy who always got me cabs at the Palladium and Studio 54, but it wasn't him. Went to Nippon (cab $6). Had dinner, lots of free food--Paige paid. We talked about the shows I'll be having this year--another photography show at Robert Miller and then some new paintings at Mary Boone... I don't know yet what they'll be.

Finally made it to see Outrageous Fortune and it wasn't much--they didn't even give Bette Midler one really great scene to do.


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