Saturday, December 04, 2004

Forgot to remember. Remember to forget. I like the way Andy remembers what he forgets. Auctions go back a long way, apparently. 500 B.C. in Babylon is the word on this subject. And it was women who were sold into marriage. It has played a big part in the development of Capital.

It was during the 17th Century when modern auction practice became established. Sothesby's was established in 1744. And Christie's in 1766.

According to the article "Auction History" the rules established at the time these houses were founded are still in use today:

1). High bidder is the buyer. If a dispute arises as to which bid is highest, goods will be put up for sale again.

2). No bidder may advance another's bid by less than six pence when the amount offered is less than one pound, or by less than one shilling when the price is one pound or more.

3) Merchandise for sale is warranted as perfect, and before removing goods from premises, any buyer may accept or reject them.

4). Each buyer must give his name and make a deposit of 5 shillings on each pound sterling (if demanded); no deliveries will be made during the sale.

5). All purchases must be taken away at the buyer's expense, and the amount due shall be paid within three days of purchase.

6). Any would-be buyer unable to attend the sale may have his commission executed by a representative of the auction firm.

The process called Mineing is interesting:
"One seventeenth century catalog describes a process called "mineing", which was similar to the Dutch auction because the auctioneer started the bidding high and worked down. A lot was claimed when someone yelled, "Mine". There was an interesting twist though. After the bid descended to the point where a bidder claimed an item, the bidding actually resumed but this time in an ascending format. So the bids went down and then back up again."


Friday, December 03, 2004

Everytime I think of Rod Stewart, his tight Spandex pop in my head. "Do you think I'm sexy?" immediately complements the ass shot that I cannot place. At this point I am fairly sure the image is constructed in my mind. As much as I looked at his ass in the videos, I always came to the conclusion that he had no ass whatsoever. Regardless, I kept looking, and never saw anything. I concluded that I needed glasses... or that I had and still have a very narrow idea of sexiness for man and woman... Got ass? Got Sexiness. No ass? ... ?

Here is an impersonator. How do I know? The man's got an ass, that is obvious, even through those loose pants. I mean, you gotta love the guy. He's got the moves down. Check the main man; wassup with the way he is holding that white thing? A bit too tight for me. Maybe the Lyotard's are kicking up the crotch. I mean, "Do you think I'm Sexy?" Yes. No. Maybe.


Thursday, December 02, 2004

Never thought Andy could be part of a comedy. I can just see him running around the room trying to stay away from Gloria Swanson. Four feet away, ha ha! Andy washing off the perfume would be a golden moment to see: I smell terrible fumes!

Smell, smell, smell, smell, smell, smell, smell, smell, smell, smell, smell, smell, smell, smell, smell, smell, smell, smell, smell, smell Andy!


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I was sitting inside a bus station in Downtown Los Angeles, looking across the street. There it was. A black and white image of a swollen face, ready to burst with blood. I read the words but I couldn't understand. The reason why it stuck in my head was because the man simply looked deformed. He didn't look like a boxer at all. Just a face of a man. A name was at the top: Robert De Niro, and at the bottom: Raging Bull. What is raging, I thought? Eventually I learned that "You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?" was his signature phrase that to this day people remember.

Check the word on the web:

You talkin' to me?-- a la Mac
You talkin' to me?--Talk is cheap
You talkin' to me?--the voice
You talkin' to me?--Backseat ride
You talkin' to me?--The baby picture
You talkin' to me?--a microphone
You talkin' to me?--Get cooking
You talkin' to me?--Going digital
You talkin' to me?--Just a line
You talkin' to me?--A guest column
You talkin' to me?--Teen


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