Saturday, June 04, 2005

What can one say about Trump. I did not know who he was until a few years ago. I think it was because of the big divorce with his wife a the time, Ivana Trump. Now he has remarried: "We met at a friend's party," said Trump. "We went out to dinner. We had a great Valentine's dinner." Trump can be so candid, sometimes.

Trump has become an unexpected TV star with his Apprentice show. One never knows what reality TV will turn out to be. I remember when the Real World came out on Mtv. I thought it was a cool idea and then all types of other shows came out, the most popular is, of course, Survivor. I remember the Mole, which I never saw, but always heard about because the administrative assistants at the office where I worked at the time would constantly chat about it in the morning as we all woke up with extremely strong coffee. It just did not make sense to me. It's like game theory gone kitsch. Then again, game theory has always been about kitsch.


Friday, June 03, 2005

Qu'est Dracula? I saw a sixty minutes report last weekend, (or was it during the week?--they do have a weekday show...) It was a feature on Transylvania, which is in Romania and its culture's economic dependence on tourism. The country was compared to some of the Juggernauts around the world who accrue millions in revenue from tourism. The usual suspects being France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Mexico, and the United States. The justifying premise of tourism and having Dracula as one of the main tourist attractions sounded more like a bad excuse to comment on Romanian culture. There was a certain sense of apathy or was it empathy... somewhere inbetween... which presented a country in search of economic stability holding on by the nails to a myth which was not even constructed in their own soil. Now that is an odd contextualization. I mean, it is one thing to labeled with a struggle that actually happened in ones own land, at least the oppressed can claim a here and now, but to be labeled with and become economically dependent on a myth that was created by a person who never even visited the land takes colonial ideology to a higher level. And this was before media had the power it enjoys today. As complicated as it gets, Bram Stoker's Dracula is presented as an economic vehicle good for a country whose Capital is far from stable. And so Transylvanians look to rely on a myth which is not their own, but which has stereotyped their landscapes and castles. Word.

As to the Wicked Witch. There are many. There is the one from the West, and the one from Oz and the one from Oz. The wild west[ern] ideologie...


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Here is a close-up of the spot where John Lennon was shot. Today it's a tourist spot. Here's another shot. Not sure what is the point of having those bars around the memorial. It's in the open, and are people going to take away what is placed them in rememberance of John Lennon? What is the city thinking. Okay, so they had a special arrangement for the day. This bus tour photos show it as part of a day in New York.

Still heavy with the Deepthroat developments. Incidentally Andy keeps mentioning Republicans. Apparently it was the Washington Post who released the news first: The Washington Post said today that a former FBI official, Mark Felt, was the confidential source known as Deep Throat who provided the newspaper information that led to President Richard Nixon's impeachment investigation and eventual resignation.

Surfing on the subject I learned that Deepthroat is also a Trojan-Horse. Hook up the files: - 83,334 bytes - 85,646 bytes - 95,768 bytes - 113,466 bytes - 112,074 bytes - 21,447 bytes - 95,352 bytes - - 776,377 bytes - 110,583 bytes - 53,440 bytes - 87,308 bytes - 97,524 bytes - 113,822 bytes - 23,498 bytes - 95,352 bytes Backdoor - 88,146 bytes - 23,714 bytes - 31,278 bytes Backdoor.exe - 64,512 bytes Backdoor.exe - 106,496 bytes Backdoor.exe - 125,952 bytes Backdoor.exe - 233,472 bytes Backdoor.exe - 241,664 bytes Backdoor.exe - 294,912 bytes Backdoor.exe - 344,064 bytes Icqnuke.exe - 10,240 bytes Readme.exe - 55,808 bytes Readme.exe - 73,728 bytes Readme.exe - 77,824 bytes Readme.exe - 98,304 bytes Readme.exe - 102,400 bytes Setup.exe - Notpa.exe - Uhanfo.exe - 6,912 bytes Grad.ocx - 199,680 bytes Comct232.ocx - 154,896 bytes Comct232.ocx - 164,144 bytes Comdlg32ocx - 128,784 bytes Comdlg32ocx - 140,096 bytes Mswinsck.ocx - 108,336 bytes Msinet.ocx - 115,016 bytes Tabctl32.ocx - 209,192 bytes Oleaut32.dll - 598,288 bytes

Then there is the Porn film of course. Dennis Hopper worked in a recent "documentary" about the making of Deepthroat--the porn "classic." The documentary came out in February of this year, produced by HBO, called Inside Deep Throat. I may have heard something, but based on the reviews there is not much criticism: As made-for-TV fare (this was produced by HBO Pictures), there's nothing wrong with Inside Deep Throat. It's perfect for laid-back watching, for a viewer not expecting anything thought provoking or deep. But as a theatrical documentary, it disappoints.

The movie trailer positions the movie as part of a revolution for the right to see what one wants. Basic individual rights, right. The movie was banned in 23 states, and this made it even more controversial.

Then there's the star, Linda Lovelace, who explains that she had a "gun to her head" the whole time, during the shooting of the movie. She explains: When you see the movie Deep Throat, you are watching me being raped. It is a crime that movie is still showing; there was a gun to my head the entire time.

Lovelace's speaking up about her experience in the porn industry was not accepted regardless of how she explained the circumstances; she apparently was not believed by people, and the porn industry disliked her positioning. No surprise there.


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

About the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats today... how has it changed since 1981? Well, just today we found out who is Deepthroat. It is Mark Felt: Felt, now 91, was the No. 2 official at the FBI in the early 1970s. The information he provided Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein helped them break many of the stories that led to the resignation of President Nixon in August 1974.

Some Republicans are saying that he is a traitor; then on the radio I heard a journalist interviewed who said that accusing Felt of treason shows the state of affairs between the political parties--that they are back to party lines as opposed to reflecting upon the fact that Felt exposed someone who was questioning the constitution of the United States. The journalists are riding on this moment to promote the validity to keep reliable sources' anonimity. Here is some reflection: But it was just, I guess, most of all a reminder of a time when the press was a more valued and honored profession and industry and it was, I guess most of all, it hit me that prior to Vietnam and Watergate, four out of five Americans when they were asked, "How often do you trust the federal government to do what's right" said "All of the time or most of the time." And, boy, we lost that trust. In any case that is the state of affairs, today. While there might be an impasse in other areas of culture, Politics are riding on binaries.


Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Play Macho. How far does that phrase go online? Hook it up:
Looks like to fast too furious has an exquisite subtext: Walker and Tyrese play it macho but with a bit of tension, neither particularly pushing the acting bounds but doing work efficient enough for the format. The claims that this is "one of the most undertoned pieces of homoeroticism since 'My Own Private Idaho'" is totally out of proportion and short of looking extremely hard for it you ain't going to find anything short of one or two lines which could be construed either way and even then its a stretch.

Loving forums, ain't a bad thing: LOL you men are adorable too!! I love hearing about guys that go nuts about baby animals! I have a couple of guy friends that try to play it macho and not adore baby animals but stick one in their face and they melt!!!

How macho can you get with a slithering snake, hmmm... reminds me of Gene Simmons's Tongue. I remember growing up and his nickname where I lived was "La Serpiente." I thought it was because of his make up and the boots he wore when he played with the band Kiss, but then I realized it may have been because of his tongue. The ladies apparently love that tongue, it is mentioned quite a bit on his site, Gene is one of the few guys who have a fan site other guys --who pose as machos-- would die for. In any case here is the link that led me to think of Gene's tongue: So I tried to play it macho. Then the snake slithered around my forearm. As it turns out, violently waving your arms and screaming "GET HIM OFF!" are a couple of things that really annoy the Brazilian Bush Viper.

Play it macho. Who doesn't love to get flowers?


Monday, May 30, 2005

Today being Memorial day and all, it is odd that Andy's new year's celebration coincides with an actual holiday in 2005. Memorial day has a particular connotation this year, given that U.S. Troops are currently in Iraq. The number of soliders dead are in the thousands. Before the elections last year, the New York Times ran a double spread of over a thousand dead soldiers up until that month. The numbers have dramatically risen. Googling as hard as I could, led me to no exact numbers on how many have died. I say this admitting I am a fairly advanced surfer and can find just about anything, but the actual number of soldiers dead up to this point is not being published. Being Memorial Day one would hope to have at least somewhat accurate statistics to honor such brave individuals properly. But I did finally find a site. The number is 1665. This one has a different story. And then the numbers are worked over.

It was a nice day. The weather was just perfect in San Diego. The streets were empty and the restaurants and beaches were full.


Sunday, May 29, 2005

His cock is like a horse's. Horse like cock: Here is a link that is no longer working but still cached on Google: his cock is monstrous. His cock is like a horse's Even married women can't
resist a thick long cock uhggrjfoCehoovrxwk1qhw take me off. ...

Got to bring some sense into this: The phallocentrism of our culture is so saturated that the very idea of "Feminism" has little room to emerge. Not only does our society fail to facilitate feminism, feminist theorist bell hooks contends that our society should not and can not allow for feminism

Got to marry him, Andy says. I guess if anybody knew cocks, it was Andy.

Check Andy living at home with mother and the family: The children have a great time in the Warhol house, racing from floor to floor, hovering over Uncle Andy while he paints and once surprising him in bed before he gets his wig on. They listen to him talking about art with the important people who come by the studio, and watch him going off to parties. Warhola's witty, energetic pictures, including one of himself waking up in a room piled high with soup cartons, give a wonderful child's-eye view of a world that was clearly more entrancing than Disneyland.

Andy also had a home in Montauk; a good investment it appears: If there was one thing Andy loved more than fame, it was money. That's what first brought the intensely urban Warhol to wide open Montauk. A long time visitor to the Hamptons proper, he and Paul Morrissey, director of many of Andy's early avant garde films, decided a home here would be a great investment.

Poor baby was scared... Get yo bodyguard. Apparently, he never got one. Will check on that, though.


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