Saturday, September 03, 2005

The sixties were definitely the good ol'days, even for Andy, that's when he switched to Castelli Gallery:


The exhibition, at Eleanor Ward's Stable Gallery, was titled The Personality of The Artist (GMW148) and included the Brillo boxes, Heinz Tomato Ketchup cases, Kellogg's Corn Flakes and Mott's Apple Sauce. There was a long line of people waiting to get into the gallery which was his last show at the Stable. A few weeks later, Warhol left ELEANOR WARD for LEO CASTELLI. (BC28) The night after the opening, Robert and ETHEL SCULL hosted a part in Warhol's honor at the Factory.

All movements may in the end start at the beginning (of the decade): When considering the history of Pop Art, 1961 must be seen as the seminal year in both its emergence and development as a movement. This is the year that saw the vital connection made between the two chief protagonists of Pop Art, namely Andy Warhol and Lichtenstein.

And as it is well known, it was Andy who looked for Castelli: Warhol introduced himself to the Leo Castelli Gallery director, Ivan Karp, in the Spring of 1961.

But in the eighties Andy was crashing a party at Castelli's.


Friday, September 02, 2005

So, you're not primitive if you recognize a famous person, especially if that person is you. Basquiat be tripping on his own tune as artstar for sure. Keeping in mind yesterday's post, it's worth entertaining how Andy was seen as the drug addict, while he was always pointing at Basquiat for actually doing the drugs. One looks it while the other actually does it. Some sort of co-dependent relationship might have been at play here? Don't know enough.

I did find this story on Basquiat living in Lalaland. I had no idea he lived in Lalaland, but the story is interesting nevertheless, and given that this diary is art itself, I have the license to entertain even an unreliable source, and here is how this story goes about Basquiat and Graffiti:

Jean Michel, contrary to what you might think, absolutely did not consider himself a "Grafitti Artist". He had some friends like Ramelzee who did use that phrase to describe themselves, but Jean once hung up on a woman reporter who kept telling him that he was part of the Grafitti movement. He had always seen himself as a Fine Artist, and his influences ranged from Leonardo Da Vinci to Abstract Expressionists like Cy Twombly and Franz Kline. I thing you can see their influence in a lot of his work.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Why the distrust in Basquiat? Perhaps this would be part of the issue:

The person who knows has all the problems of selfhood. The person who is known, somehow seems not to have a problematic self. These days, it is the same kind of agenda that is at work. Only the dominant self can be problematic; the self of the Other is authentic without a problem, naturally available to all kinds of complications. [...]Spivak, The Post-Colonial Critic [p, 66 ]

Basquiat was known and easy to read by Andy... One can say that Basquiat had all the problems that Andy didn't have, but did he? Apparently Andy could reflect.


Wednesday, August 31, 2005

As to O'Keefe and Christmas...

O'Keefe's inevitable absorption by Kitsch culture (can't get better than that!): This lovely calming wallet was designed for Diana in Brooklyn. Now, you too can sport a fashionable bill-holder that features the beautiful paintings of Ms. Georgia O'Keefe.

Here's more kitsch, but more like discourse; her Museum is critiqued or praised, not sure: The urinals of the Georgia O'Keefe Museum

The museum displays the works of Georgia O'Keefe and is located in Santa Fe, NM

"The Museum is dedicated to enhancing public appreciation of the art of Georgia O'Keeffe, one of the preeminent modern artists of the 20th century. The Museum presents thought-provoking exhibitions that place Georgia O'Keeffe's artistic achievement in the history of American Modernism.

"The Museum building was designed by architect Richard Gluckman, whose projects have included the recent gallery addition at the Whitney Museum of American Art's permanent collection in New York and the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."

Georgia and Andy be hanging, hanging: Georgia O'Keeffe and Andy Warhol: Flowers of Distinction, organized by Museum curator Barbara Buhler Lynes, brings together approximately 40 depictions of flowers by two of America's most celebrated and popular artists. The exhibition opens on Friday, May 13, 2005, and will remain on view through Sunday, January 8, 2006.

The 25th is known as "the day after" in parts of Latin America. The 25th does not mean anything, really. It's midnight between the 24th and 25th that matters; at which point people open presents and then eat at a big table or small table, whatever they may have, but they eat what they can--usually turkey. It's a tradition. If one lives in Central America chances are one goes to the beach--the weather is perfect, which is why when I saw snow in Christmas stories on TV it did not make sense to me... Stories like Frosty the snowman and Rudolph, appeared to be from another planet. In El Salvador, where I'm from, people get up early in the morning on the 25th, say 5 AM or rather stay up all night if they've been at a party and leave to the beach, like an exodus to the waters--there go the cars! It's like Spring Break only with a mixed crowd of young and old, getting drunk and overeating leftovers from the night before. The stereotype of Christmas in the U.S. is that people go to bed early on the 24th so that they can get up early and open their presents and then have a quiet time with family. Having read Andy's diary, I can see that he lived his nights before Christmas a lot like I did--at parties that lasted all night, the difference is he did not go to the beach with practically no sleep, and he had famous friends.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Unusual Christmas presents... The british are coming, hook up the pig for the kids: The divine Fur Coat Piggy is a real show-stopper!! 'Ms Piggy' is wearing a removable red silk-lined white & pink fake fur coat, with red ribbon-tied high heeled shoes. Fur Coat Piggy also sports a cheeky red silk hat complete with pink rose and feather.

For men: This beautiful naughty weekend kit will leave them with sweet memories for years to come! It contains everything you need for a REALLY naughty weekend. The box contains:

Two sachets of Love Soak... for a warm and cuddly bath together (2 x 80g)
Vetiver massage oil... for a sensual and relaxing massage (20ml bottle)
Edible sweet angelic body dust... to sprinkle over each other (20g)
Edible tender kissing glaze... to be removed by lips and tongue only! (20ml)
A small log of Honeycake Soap... to clean up afterwards!
A soft ostrich feather... do we really need to explain this?
A velvet blindfold... yes, we think you're getting the message
A scroll of instructions (should you need some guidance...)

Presented in a naughty weekend box - tied with ribbon - for that extra special touch!

For women: Wonka's Golden Ticket Handbag

A vintage box handbag with a Wonka's Golden Ticket design and a diamante clasp, just big enough for your powder, lippy, mobile and money!

It is available gold only

For anyone: A Handmade, Personalized Photo Quilt Makes the Perfect Keepsake

Our personalized photo quilt makes a sentimental wedding anniversary gift they will cherish. Each 7.5" square on our large, handmade 53" x 70" throw quilt holds one 3.5" x 4.5" photo. The 16" center square can accommodate one 5" x 7" photo, the couple's first names,wedding date and/or personal inscription.

For everyone who is unique: This Christmas gift is a unique and perfect present for most Christmas parties. Showing their family coat of arms and family crest with the surname history. It gives much detail in the origin and meaning of a person's last name. It also displays a unique and beautiful picture of your family coat of arms and family crest. This is a great Christmas present, birthday gift, or wedding and anniversary gift idea.


Monday, August 29, 2005

Odd... The person that is late with the rent is never a "nice" person... I'll call my former partner Mr. X. Mr. X is ambitious, intelligent, and extremely motivating. Unfortunately, he's also quick tempered, insecure, and power hungry. Some of those traits appeared to be an asset early on because he dealt with unscrupulous realtors and late rent payments very well, but then he also turned his temper on us. Everything had to be his way. If someone disagreed with his opinion and simply wanted to discuss it he started screaming and called the person a four year old. He even asked one of my partners to step outside (to top it off, we were in a large cafeteria).

More from the power position... Newspapers are happy to tell tales of how the poor and dispossessed of the land are having to wait months to get their housing benefit while on the same page printing stories of how councils are doing little to find fraudsters and scroungers. For example, the Evening Standard ran a story in April headlined '£500,000 Fine For Late Rent', which told of a backlog of housing benefit at the London Borough of Brent that left 30,000 people five months in rent arrears. Another story from the same paper, 'Council's Apathy Over Missing Millions', told of the London Borough of Greenwich's difficulties in recovering overpaid housing benefit. Well, we have all been there and worn the T-shirt. Overpayments are very difficult to recover and local authorities do a much better job than the Benefits Agency.

From the other side (mispellings included): Since 18 months, I have been paying a full rent each pay day...That is two paydays ina row all goes on rent save gas and parking...The next and third payday then ahs to go on bills for services before they disconnect me. Which makes me late on the rents again...and pay two in a row, then the bills etc, etc. I am always late one rent..... I made it so that I did not colelct the reimbursement on the medications this year so as to wait until it woudl be high enough to almost clear one late rent AI keep draggign and never catching up since 1.5 to 2 years now in fact.

Here are excuses from the landlord's point of view:

"My friend is a lawyer and he said the only reason you keep saying you want to know what happened to the rent each month is because you cannot afford to pay your mortgage."

"Just because I owe you the rent doesn't mean you are getting paid. I have to work for that money."

"I was at the bus stop and had your money order in my hand. The wind blew it out of my hand and into the street. A bus drove over it and it stuck the wheel."

"I am not paying rent until I know you are paying the mortgage I will not spend my money on rent every month if you don't have to."

"I really have excellent credit, but I can't give you my social security # because I was a victim of identity theft."

The tenant should know her rights also, here's something on Lalaland, which might incidentally help tenants from becoming a reference quote like the ones above: Tenants should make sure that any oral agreements are properly written into the contract. A one-year lease, for example, may have a no-pets clause. If the landlord orally agrees to allow the tenant to keep a cat, the tenant should make sure either the landlord or the tenant crosses out the no-pets clause with a pen and adds a sentence allowing the cat before signing the lease. This is very important because handwritten terms are given greater weight in court that a pre-printed term.


Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hatian cocks... Eugenio Matibag presents a bold theory toward understanding the relationships between the Dominican Republic and Haiti which attacks the standard view held by most historians. Further, Matibag’s is an “activist” history, in that his interest is not pure scholarship. He is convinced that both countries are in serious need, Haiti more so that the Dominican Republic, and that one critical factor in prohibiting them from helping one another is the traditional accepted theory which he called the cock-fight theory. He denounces this view as oversimplified and tries to establish his “counterpoint” theory in its place. Matibag is offering a new and very bold theory, which, if sustained, would allow for a very different assessment of the future of possible relations between the two nations of this island.

The hook up for the above: Why the Cocks Fight
Dominicans, Haitians, and the Struggle for Hispaniola


A decent summary of Wucker's book: Wucker studies the cockfight ritual in considerable detail, focusing as much on the customs and histories of these two nations as on their contemporary lifestyles and politics. Her well-cited and comprehensive volume also explores the relations of each nation toward the United States, which twice invaded both Haiti (in 1915 and 1994) and the Dominican Republic (in 1916 and 1965) during the twentieth century.

But this is the myth Andy was thinking about when considering Haiti's AIDS crisis: Haitian cum machine

So this Haitian dude I know. He's HIV - but I still suck him off like monthly. He's got a long hooked to the sky uncut cock. Hugely thick at the base but tapers as you go up the shaft (thank god). 

We're going at it. Him sitting up in my bed, leaning against pillows. My head resting on his stomach. He's fucking my face. Sliding most of his cock in and out of my throat. The thing I dig most are his balls. I mean AMAZING. Big, bouncy and low hanging. I got my hand under his leg squeezing and pulling his sack down toward his knees.

He's getting close. He's sweating. His cock is expanding. The skin is beginning to pull back. He holds my head in between his hands tightly. I pull his nuts harder. He yanks my head up, almost off his cock. He moans,



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