Saturday, September 24, 2005

Halston got lost after this time. I looked at his site and it appears like he tried to make a comeback recently. But often the site just has a single page up, with a minimal font and a white background. And Andy kind of dropped him. He hardly mentions him after this time period. As to Bianca, by the mid-eighties she was becoming more and more involved in politics. I never could understand why she kept Mick's last name. I guess it opened doors for her to do her activist work. She didn't age well. She can afford that. She does not make a living based on her looks. Quite a luxury for a celebrity. She's been busy:

For her work, Jagger has earned several awards,[2] including:

* Honorary Doctorate of Humanities degree from the Stone Hill College in Massachusetts in 1983
* 1994 United Nations Earth Day award
* Hispanic Federation of New York City’s Humanitarian Award
* 1996 Woman of the Year Title from the Boys Town of Italy
* 1996 Abolitionist of the Year Award from the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
* 1997 Green Globe award from the Rain Forest Alliance
* 1997 Amnesty International USA Media Spotlight Award for Leadership
* 1998 American Civil Liberties Union Award
* 2000 Champion of Justice Award
* 2003 International Award from International Services
* 2004 World Achievement Award from Mikhail Gorbachev
* 2004 Right Livelihood Award
* 2006 World Citizenship Award from The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
* 2006 Office of the Americas Peace and Justice Award.

On November 1, 1997, she was inducted to the Hall of Fame in Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation.


Friday, September 23, 2005

Forbes inspiring Andy to create a magazine with his name is great. Today a magazine named Warhol could work, though Interview is synonymous with him. I believe there was a time that the title of the magazine was "Andy Warhol's Interview" no? That may have been when the magazine was nice and big, when I first started to read it. Well, I never really read it then. I wasn't much of a reader. I just liked the look, and the pictures were great. I often missed the interviews, in a way the magazine pioneered what is common ground for fashion magazine's today. They sell a look. Pure commodity fetishism.

As to Andy changing his name to "morningstar", I don't know. It's more like a really bad porn name. "Andy Morningstar, always ready at the break of dawn!" No. Can't work. Glad he did not choose it. Besides, if it doesn't sound like a porn name, then a business name. Got mutual funds?


Thursday, September 22, 2005

The art market.

The most expensive painting, countdown...

10. Self-Portrait: Yo Picasso
Artist: Pablo Picasso
Price tag: $43,500,000
Purchased: Sotheby's, New York (May 9th, 1989)

9. Nude in a Black Armchair
Artist: Picasso
Price tag: $45,102,500
Purchased: Christie's, New York (November 9th, 1999)

8. Le reve
Artist: Picasso
Price tag:$48,402,500
Purchased: Christie's, New York (November 10th, 1997)

7. Irises
Artist: Vincent Van Gogh
Price tag: $49,000,000
Purchased: Sotheby's, New York (November 11th, 1987)

6. Woman Seated in a Garden
Artist: Picasso
Price tag: $49,500,000
Purchased: Sotheby's, New York (November 10th, 1999)

5. Les Noces de Pierrette
Artist: Picasso
Price tag: $51,671,920
Purchased - Binoche et Godeau, Paris (November 30th, 1989)

4. Still Life with Curtain, Pitcher, and Bowl of Fruit
Artist: Paul Cezanne
Price tag: $60,500,000
Purchased: Sotheby's, New York (May 10th, 1999)

3. Portrait de l'artiste sans barbe
Artist: Vincent Van Gogh
Price tag: $71,500,000
Purchased: Christie's, New York (November 19th, 1998)

2. Au Moulin de la Galette
Artist: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Price tag: $78,100,000
Purchased: Sotheby's, New York (May 17th, 1990)

1. Portrait of Dr. Gachet
Artist: Vincent Van Gogh
Price tag: $82,500,000
Purchased: Christie's, New York (May 15th, 1990)


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What becomes legend most? How subtle can one be about such a statement when it's the last thing said in a journal entry?... Let Mr. Reed, (Anderson's main man) tell ya!
Check the word:

What becomes a legend most
when she's alone in a hotel lobby
What becomes a legend most
some bad champagne and some foreign bottled beer

What becomes a legend most
when the musicians have come and then leave her
What becomes a legend most
besides being a legendary star

What becomes a legend most
lying in bed cold and regal
What becomes a legend most
lying in bed watching a talk show on TV

What becomes a legend most
fifty days in fifty cities
And everyone says she looks pretty
at least as pretty as a legend should

Fifty days can wear you down
fifty cities flying by
A different man in each different hotel
and if you're not careful, word can get around

What becomes a legend most
not a bed, that is half empty
Not a heart, that is left empty
that's not pretty, not pretty at all

What becomes a legend most
when she's lying in her hotel room
What becomes a legend most
well baby, tonight it's you (tonight it's you)
Baby, tonight it's you

(What becomes a legend most, sha-la-la-la-la) Baby, it's you
(what becomes a legend most, sha-la-la-la-la) maybe tomorrow
(What becomes a legend most, sha-la-la-la-la) Baby, it's you
(what becomes a legend most, sha-la-la-la-la)
(What becomes a legend most, sha-la-la-la-la)
(what becomes a legend most, sha-la-la-la-la)
(What becomes a legend most, sha-la-la-la-la)
(what becomes a legend most, sha-la-la-la-la)


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"Do you know where you are?" hmm... Andy's incident reminds of a scene in the movie I Love Huckabees. I could not watch the whole film. I turned it off towards the end. it's not a bad film it's just that it presents phisolophy in a way that is somewhat wateredown... there's nothing wrong with watering things down, (right). I do have a problem actually. No, it's more about the fact that they tried to turn it into a Hollywood happy ending. It was a bad mixture of a bad happy ending with wannabe independent film aeesthetic. And I thought, Fake! It kept getting worse... Fake! I turned it off. Most of my friends as well as many of my students love the film--especially because some of the concepts that come up in conversation are the basis for the plot... but it's just so bad... it's just as bad as this comment, it never really says anything, but just sounds critical and leave people feeling like the understand the concept, and I think they do, only the concept is not as simple as the movie pretends it is, and when people get it, they love the movie, and it's bad. It's good entertainment, I guess.

But Andy's experience with the new age doctor is so much better. it's so shallow that it's deep deep deep. Maybe not, but at least Andy does not make more than what it is. Or maybe is Pat Hackett who edited the journal entry to read as a moment of shallow self-reflexivity; that's deep. I think.

And the eighties comment, man!! that is so true. I watch a show on VH1 called, I Love the Eighties and the most exciting moments and people were from the first five years, just like Andy said. Now they also have another show called I Love the Nineties. And one is sure to come for the new decade; but what will it be called? I love the 00's? That sounds like a bad joke on Matthew Barney's early work on mister Jim Otto, the fooball player. Are you a playa?


Monday, September 19, 2005

When visiting MJ's site, we get a thumb image of his latest music compilation, "The essential Michael Jackson." Interesting that the image of Michael is that of his Thriller days. Maybe this will be the image that will be immortalized fifty years from now in a stamp--Elvis was immortalized in the stamp as the "young Elvis;" although Vegas has no refrains for making the most of Elvis's famous cape and suit.

Only time will tell of course which of Michael's image will predominate. Well, not time, but those in Control of his image.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Furcoats are hanging in there, like most things in a supposed liberal society that allows for people to opine (with some consequences): Fur has a longer history than any other material for clothing. Our prehistoric ancestors valued animals' pelts for their warmth; in the Middle Ages furs were so prized that their use was restricted by law to certain classes. Even in our days, furs remain for many people a coveted possession, signifying comfort and luxury.

Though modesty dictated the wearing of furs in the Garden of Eden, and protection from cold was one reason for primitive man's first use of skins for clothing, the beauty of fur was always appreciated.

A selling pitch for our times (?):
Q - My lifestyle is pretty casual. Why would I be interested in a fur coat?
A - Fur coats aren't just for special occasions. Today's fur fashions reflect tremendous variety in design and spirit. While full-length sables might fit some people's everyday needs, others might opt for a colorful sheared beaver bomber jacket, a fur-lined leather biker jacket or even a knee-length shearling fur duffel coat. Take a look around Fur Online's Web site for all the possibilities.

Fur in Spanish is cuero... which in macho slang means, da'laidies... Did Andy mention Basquiat gaining confidence with the laidies?
Basquiat became a famous black man and white women fell to his feet. Cannibal devouring feelings, emotions, even breath. With his brushes, he disintegrated bodies, transforming them into a factory of skeletons, witches' scrawls, the stains of terror absences in acrylic and his phrases

Keep it going: With the exception of one or two brief encounters, virtually all of Basquiat's lovers were white; indeed, a number of them were classic blondes. His romances would begin obsessively, the artist in hot pursuit until he made his conquest, at which point he would drop the confused object of desire. Then, suddenly, he would attempt to rekindle the relationship. The second acceptance, a kind of return of the prodigal boyfriend was a double victory, and he sometimes continued a fling, on and off, for years."


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