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Developed between
October and December 2003.
Re_Cycled_Views appropriates
critical writings
originally published
on Net Art Review

by Eduardo Navas

How to navigate: Links at the top of each page lead to the next or the previous page. A link offering the review in its original format can be found between the 'previous' and 'next' links. You can scroll up or down or click on the links provided with each sentence. Scrolling will be necessary regardless, and feeling lost is largely part of the project. If you want to get back to the main links, simply scroll all the way to the top-left of your browser window.

Re_Cycled_Views is a project appropriating critical writings from Net Art Review, an online collaborative that I founded in February of 2003 as a public resource for diverse Web and Internet communities to learn about and share their interests in Net Art and its crossover to the wider New Media field.

Re_Cycled_Views was originally developed for an invitation to participate in a project emphasizing 'interventions' (RRF) from Raul Ferrera-Balanquet. It is now also featured on To me, the term 'intervention' implies exposing naturalized cultural codes; so based on this, I decided to recontextualize selected writings focusing on political artworks. I created individual pages for the original reviews and abstracted them by drastically enlarging the small images found in each feature from their original 100 x 100 px to 2600 x 2600 px; the writing is fragmented into sentences that appear with corresponding links and can be navigated according to user interactivity. The links to the actual artworks and reviews are also provided so that the viewer may experience the content in its original form. Re_Cycled_Views aims to expose the tendency to get lost in information as abstraction without really understanding how it may actually affect individuals on an everyday basis. The Project is rather complex (for me) because the selected reviews concentrate on works dealing with war, racial identity, as well as multilayered global issues. I previously edited the material included in this project throughout the past year for Net Art Review; however, the context of Re_Cycled_Views places it in a different realm of dissemination, where the focus is on art practice as criticism. And because of this, it would be dishonest of me to claim that this is an equalitarian collaboration with Net Art Review contributors; therefore, I rather think of Re_Cycled_Views as a straight forward appropriation with permission from the writers. I would like to thank Garrett Lynch, Kristen Palana, Lewis LaCook, and Neil Jenkins for letting me use their material.



911 Survivor Artists: John Brennon, Mike Caloud, Jeff Cole. Reviewer: Garrett Lynch.
Destroy Evil Artist: Katie Bush. Reviewer: Garrett Lynch.
Epic Tales Artist: Carlo Zani. Reviewer: Eduardo Navas.
Frontline Selected Articles. Reviewer: Eduardo Navas.
Get-Carded Artist: anonymous. Reviewer: Garrett Lynch.
Ka Fifitu Feetu
Artist: Eric Gottesman. Reviewer: Kristen Palana.
Media Mix Artist: Silicon Intelligence Network. Reviewer: Garret Lynch.
Minneapolis and St. Paul are East African Cities Artist: Entropy8Zuper. Reviewer: Neil Jenkins.
Net Art Latino Curator: Agricola de Cologne. Writer: Kristen Palana.
Rub Linda the Right Way Artist: Joseph Mcelroy. Reviewer: Lewis LaCook.
Share my World Artist: Wayne Dunkley. Reviewer: Eduardo Navas.
Sister Valérie of the Internet Artist: Valérie LaMontagne. Reviewer: Garrett Lynch.
South Beach Disco Artist: Antonio Mendoza. Reviewer: Kristen Palana.
Suspended Gardens
Artist: Alex Dragulescu. Reviewer: Garrett Lynch